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With average home listings in the Poway area nearing $1 million, Poway is a San Diego neighborhood brimming with class. Even though Poway lies geographically in the middle of San Diego County, most consider its relative location to be North County. Poway sits as its own small, self-sufficient San Diego offshoot. Poway Architecture

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Poway was a rural area beginning very early in San Diego’s history, earning it the name “The City in the Country.” True to its early name, this “City in the Country” sets itself apart from its more populated neighbors with 39.4 square miles preserved as dedicated open space.

Modern Poway grew out of the countryside in 1957, when it officially became the City of Poway. Built of mostly family-friendly units, Poway offers a wide range of housing options from single-family homes on large plots of land to multi-family apartments and gated communities. There are also currently seven workforce housing complexes in Poway, lending to the area’s rich business development. With over 462 businesses in the Poway Business Park, office spaces are some of the main standouts of the area’s general architecture, giving some distinct areas the architectural feel of a deep-seated, big-city industrial district.

Another interesting architectural sighting in Poway comes from Pomerado Elementary School. As one of the oldest in the district, this school was overhauled with hybrid HVAC rooftop units and elevated efficiency standards. The sleek lines and contemporary feel of this transformation have offered Poway an improved aesthetic and building sustainability.

Often thought of as an “old western” type of town, Poway originally found its roots in agriculture, and its buildings still reflect the area’s family roots. With a cleanliness and dedication to supporting the local businessman and worker, the architecture of Poway’s buildings revolve around supporting its local businesses and families.

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