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One of the most scenic and lively towns in all of San Diego is Pacific Beach, referred to as P.B. by the locals. The small beach community is just north of Mission Bay, south of La Jolla, West of Interstate 5, and East of the great Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Beach, often affectionately called “P.B.” by locals, is a coastal gem of San Diego renowned for its youthful energy, romantic coastline, and family-friendly neighborhoods. The city’s vibrant atmosphere is a blend of serene beachside charm and bustling urban life, making it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors. On any given day, you can find the rich and famous mingling with college students on the lively boardwalk, where Grand and Garnet Avenue serve as the epicenter of nightlife, dining, and shopping. Water sports, biking, walking paths, and breathtaking scenery are abundant, ensuring that there is never a shortage of fun activities. Whether you are an avid surfer or simply enjoy the ocean breeze, Pacific Beach has something for everyone, encapsulating the essence of San Diego’s dynamic lifestyle.


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A Historical Overview of Pacific Beach Residences

The residential landscape of Pacific Beach is steeped in history, with most homes built between 1950 and 1989. As a result, the majority of properties are at least 22 years old, and many are much older. This age factor brings a level of uncertainty regarding the stability and quality of the infrastructure. Each year, homeowners and landlords must contend with the challenges posed by the coastal environment, particularly the corrosive effects of the salty air. The sea breeze, although a charming aspect of coastal living, can cause significant damage to homes, even those located a few miles inland. Consequently, maintenance and repair are continuous necessities, leading to higher rents and vigilant property upkeep.

Common Renovations in Pacific Beach

Given the climate and age of the buildings, renovations in Pacific Beach are commonplace. Popular projects include room additions, second stories, kitchen remodels, outdoor spaces, and even complete tear-downs and rebuilds. The damp climate and ocean air necessitate specific construction enhancements to protect homes from weather-related damage. For instance, clad aluminum or vinyl windows are preferred for their durability against corrosion. Additionally, using Tyvek house wrap ensures a tight building envelope, while extended overhangs over west-facing walls help prevent leaks from driving rain. Positive drainage away from all foundations is also crucial to maintaining structural integrity.

Architectural Styles and Influences in Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach’s architectural landscape is as diverse as its community, reflecting the area’s evolution from San Diego’s early days to contemporary times. The densely populated beach town boasts a mix of tightly-packed 1930s-style beachfront cottages and large, upscale hotels and condos made from natural, earthy materials. Residential areas adjacent to bustling streets offer a quaint charm, while newer, trendier architectures closer to the shore highlight the blend of historical and modern influences.

The period between 1940 and 1969 saw the development of small studio apartments and four-bedroom homes, contributing to the well-established older architecture prevalent in the area. Newer architectural trends emerged between 1970 and 1994, resulting in stylish and contemporary designs.

Notable Architectural Landmarks

One of the standout architectural structures in Pacific Beach is the ZLAC Rowing Clubhouse at 1111 Pacific Beach Drive. Designed by Lilian J. Rice, one of the first women to earn an architecture degree from the University of California Berkeley in 1910, this building reflects the historical significance of America’s oldest women’s rowing club.

Architect John Mock’s influence is also evident in the many apartment complexes he designed throughout Pacific Beach. Known for his omni-directional architecture, Mock’s work harmonizes form, function, and economy.

Another architectural marvel is Tower 23, a stylish, contemporary hotel designed by Graham Downes. This glass-boxed structure integrates the natural surroundings, highlighting the beauty of the tropical environment. Similarly, the Catamaran Hotel showcases colonial Hawaiian architecture, creating a seamless blend of tropical design and modern luxury.

Modern Architectural Trends

In recent years, Pacific Beach has seen the rise of ultramodern residential styles. Multi-million dollar homes featuring spiral staircases, infinity pools, and theater rooms are now part of the architectural tapestry. These luxurious properties showcase the latest in design innovation, reflecting the area’s growth and appeal.

Home Remodeling by Murray Lampert in Pacific Beach

Since 1975, Murray Lampert has been a trusted name in Pacific Beach for professional design, construction, and home remodeling services. Over four generations, the company has built strong relationships with top inspectors, distributors, and trade partners, enabling them to deliver innovative and high-quality results. Murray Lampert’s commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and multiple BBB Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics.


Comprehensive Remodeling Services


Murray Lampert offers a wide array of remodeling services to meet the diverse needs of Pacific Beach homeowners. These services include:


Kitchen Remodels: A professionally designed kitchen remodel can enhance both style and functionality, adding significant value to a home.

Second Story Additions: For properties with limited lot sizes, building vertically with second-story additions is an excellent way to increase living space.

Outdoor Living Spaces: With Pacific Beach’s pleasant year-round weather, custom outdoor living spaces allow homeowners to fully enjoy the coastal lifestyle.

Green Home Building: Committed to sustainability, Murray Lampert employs energy-efficient and eco-friendly construction techniques.

Room Additions: Whether expanding a living room, creating a home office, or converting a garage, room additions can significantly improve home functionality.

Bathroom Remodels: Upgrading bathrooms with new fixtures, flooring, and efficient plumbing enhances both aesthetics and utility.

3D Project Modeling: Utilizing advanced 3D modeling technology, clients can visualize their remodels before construction begins.

Custom Cabinets: Offering custom cabinet options, Murray Lampert ensures that storage solutions are both stylish and practical.

Architectural Design: Clients work directly with staff architects to create personalized designs that align with their needs and budget.


Our Pacific Beach Design-Build-Remodel Process

Each home remodeling project we take on in Pacific Beach begins with a free in-home consultation. During that consultation, you’ll collaborate with our in-house architect to identify exactly what you need in order for our team to deliver a finished product that stays within your budget and timeline. Before we break ground, we can give you a virtual walkthrough of what the remodeled space will look like using 3D rendering technology.

Since 1975, Murray Lampert has built a rock-solid reputation by making transparency, communication, and integrity the foundation of our business. We’re proud to say that approach has been effective, and is reflected in our client testimonials and positive reviews.

If you have questions about our home remodeling services in Pacific Beach, or if you’d like to schedule your in-home consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!