Home Additions Bonita: Types and Design-Build Examples

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Sun Room - Home Additions BonitaAs the name itself says, Bonita is simply beautiful. You like living here, your family likes living here, and for many good reasons. You have made a perfect little nest for yourself and your loved ones. Life is good; there is not a single cloud in your Bonita sky. But what if your ideal place starts to feel a bit cramped? There is stuff piling all over the place, and you just feel you desperately need more space. You don’t need to move – a professional home additions Bonita service is just what you need!

Now, to make the best of it and make sure you have made a sound investment, you need to know two things: what you are doing and why you are doing it. More specifically, you need to know what type of home addition you need and why you need it. This guide aims to inform you and help you make the best choice. That said, let’s get started.


When choosing the home addition that suits you best, you should consider:

The reason for the addition

For instance, think about whether you wish to increase the storage space to accommodate valuables, accessories, seasonal clothes, etc. or you want to increase the size of a room, like the bathroom, kitchen, living room or the bedroom, to get a more functional or a multifunctional space.

The space that is available

Skilled design-build contractors can help you decide if a build-up, a side addition, or a back addition could be the best option for your house.

The visual appeal

A side addition to a room will extend the length of your home and it can look more appealing than if you just add a storage room.

Your budget

You should always try to stay within the originally intended budget. However, bear in mind that allocating a few extra dollars to get a functional and beautiful room addition can prove to be an excellent investment. Read on and find out why.

Basic types of home additions

First Floor Additions

You can get a better and extra comfortable living arrangement on your first floor by expansion or renovation. In case you have a big family or a large entertainment area, you can be sure that a lot of people will be gravitating towards your kitchen. The addition of a gathering room, for example, will reduce crowding in the kitchen area. Your kitchen may also need space expansion, for that matter, to add more space for a kitchen island or a dining table.

Second Story Additions

If your home cannot have a ground level expansion or your building lot is less, then the most appropriate choice you can make is to build up. There will be a lower cost of building up and you can use the existing utilities since there will be no need for foundation work or excavation. You can eliminate the necessity of having a zoning approval or a lot survey by adding a second story that will not increase your home’s footprint.

Consider some of these home additions:

A Garage Addition

The garage addition will add considerable value to your home, especially if you are planning to sell it in the future. Besides being the most common storage space, a garage can serve a number of other purposes. It could also provide a foundation for your future expansions.

A Sunroom

The ‘three season room’ or the sunroom costs much less than a regular room addition, because it normally doesn’t require any plumbing work done. It could be a light living space with an amazing outdoor view or a great area for your plants to flourish.

A Bump Out Addition

You can make a space usable by having a bump out to serve as a mudroom, a new laundry room or bathroom, or enlarge the existing ones. Bump out additions are typically added to small spaces, so if you already have a small bathroom or kitchen, a bump out addition can provide extra space for a bathtub or a large fridge. You may have a higher cost per unit when doing this addition but you are sure to get a more functional space.

A Family Room

The family room will provide a large comfy area for all family members to gather and enjoy their time together. You may include the skylights, a fireplace, a wet bar or an entertainment center in it. This is one of the most common types of room additions.

A Porch Addition

This addition significantly adds to your home’s curb appeal and is very common in the U.S. Basically, you can simply decide to put a roof over your main entrance, or add a patio area for sitting and outdoor relaxation.

An In-Law Suite Addition

It is not uncommon that in-laws come to stay with you for a period of time, especially if they are elderly and you want them to be looked after. To ensure both parties feel comfortable, consider an in-law suite addition. This room addition ensures everyone has privacy and a possible separate entrance. It can require a zoning approval in cases where there is a separate kitchen for the room.

So far, we have dealt with the first question from the beginning of the post: what type of addition you need. In the next post, we will delve into the benefits of having home additions done and how to get them right.

Regardless of the room addition you choose, choose the one that will save you time and money. At the end, the result will always depend on the contractors you have chosen and the materials you have used.





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