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La Mesa is a city in San Diego County and is inland, about twelve miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Because of this distance from the coast, temperatures are generally warmer and dryer than the weather that people might traditionally associate with San Diego.

The city is bordered on the west and north by the city of San Diego, Spring Valley and Lemon Grove on the south, and El Cajon on the east.

In Spanish, La Mesa means “the table” or “the plateau”, a reference to the area’s geography.

A Brief History of La Mesa

After Spanish colonization, the area that is now La Mesa became part of Mission San Diego de Alcala. Following Mexico’s independence and the division of Californian land, Robert Allison arrived in San Diego and purchased 4,000 acres of land, which is now part of south La Mesa.

The construction of railroads caused massive growth in 1885. John Harbison purchased 4,000 acres of land from the Arguello estate. In 1887, the San Diego Flume Company purchased Harbison’s land and filed a subdivision map. The area was named La Mesa Colony.

The year 1894 marked a major growth period. A.S. Crowder and Joseph Allison filed the La Mesa Springs subdivision map. Streets were graded. The La Mesa Store and blacksmith shop were built near current La Mesa Boulevard.

In 1906, Sherman Grable purchased 100 acres of land in the Date Avenue area from David Collier, a local land developer. Along with Charles Park, Grable formed the Park-Grable Investment Company, developing 200 acres into 1000 lots. The city was officially incorporated February 16, 1912.

Population Over the Years

  • La Mesa began with a mere handful of people. By the time it was incorporated, the city boasted a healthy 700 residents.
  • After World War I, the population grew to 1,600.
  • With the business area’s further expansion east and west after both World Wars, the city became home to 11,000 people in 1950.
  • By 1960, the population more than doubled to 30,000 citizens.
  • Today, nearly 60,000 live in La Mesa.

Style of Homes

Much of the city still retains the look and design of its Spanish-Californian roots. The homes are no different, reflecting the history of the land and the traditional functionality of the times. Many home design and contracting companies draw off of these historical influences while still including a modern look and feel.


Popular home remodeling projects are room additions for growing families, second stories and major kitchen remodeling.

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