Recycling When You Remodel

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I was interviewed today by Mark Newman, Senior Editor at Remodeling Magazine about our recycling program.  The article will be featured in the November 2012 issue of Remodeling Magazine.

Here is how we implemented our system, Recycling When You Remodel: Our design representatives, project managers and crews were educated on recycling and we all agreed to follow a system on all our projects.

The Recycling When You Remodel options and our program is discussed up front with our clients.

Recycling When You Remodel, Here’s How: Dirt, clean concrete, wood and mixed debris are separated during construction.

Recycling bins (dirt & concrete) are used when space permits.

Our hauling company recycles dirt, concrete, wood, metals and appliances whenever possible.

This service is provided to our clients at no additional cost.

Future Recycling Plans

Eventually we would like to offer more in depth deconstruction and recycling when you remodel. We have tried recycling companies that deconstruct just for the materials removed, but they did not prove to be dependable. Hopefully we will find a efficient, dependable firm to handle deconstruction and remodeling at an affordable price in the near future.

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