Inspiration and Ideas for Your Second Story Addition

Need more space for your family in San Diego without increasing your homes’ overall footprint? Consider adding either a partial or full second story! You aren’t just increasing living space; you are opening up renovation options and getting the home of your dreams.

Whether your family is growing, or you just need the extra space, a second story addition is a great option without spreading your home out further onto your property. It adds value to the home overall, and can help you achieve those renovations that you always planned to do someday. It also gives you a chance to address issues with your roofing or attic. This list will make it easier, and give you some things to consider going forward.

Tip #1:

Have your foundation checked to make sure it will support the weight of a second story and check all applicable building codes. This is where the decision for a partial or full second story is important, because your foundation may only support a partial. Its better to make this decision before going any further, so that you can adapt your expectations around what your home can handle. You’ll also want to make sure that you can add a second story according to your local building codes, and that you have all the correct permits for such. Your home improvement company may handle this for you and it really isn’t as difficult or expensive as it sounds. Rather, consider it the first building block or foundation literally, to getting what you want.

Tip #2:

Decide what you want to change on the main floor. Since you’re moving upwards why not make any renovations you have planned on the main floor at the same time? If the square footage is moving upwards you may decide to move some rooms upstairs such as bedrooms, freeing up space on your main floor for a new dining room, study, or a larger kitchen. Walls can be moved or removed entirely much easier during this phase than they can afterwards. Need a laundry room? Add it to the list.

Tip #3:

Offset the addition with roof features and windows to avoid a “boxy” look and get the house of your dreams. You certainly do not just have to double up on the same look with the same features on top. In fact, we recommend against it. Have you always wanted a widow’s peak or a skylight? Now is the time to add those features to your second story design. Also consider the roofing material, especially if your roof already needs some work. If you live in an area frequently visited by large storms you may need to consider the layout and design of the second story even more carefully.

Tip #4:

Don’t forget the storage. This is something that many people tend to forget about when they are adding a second story addition. Where are you going to put everything? Adding walk in closets to the main floor area is certainly an option, but don’t neglect those spaces upstairs either, especially if you’ve lived in the home for a while and have had time to collect a lot of possessions. You can opt to add large bedrooms and still achieve the storage space you sorely need with a little planning and creativity.

Tip #5:

How are you going to get there? The stairs are another thing that people tend to overlook when they decide to add a second story. Do you want an elegant wooden staircase with decorative handrails or something more basic that is efficient and sturdy? Also, where do you want the stairs to be on the main floor, and where should they lead to in the new addition? Your San Diego home improvement company can certainly help with ideas for this based on their experience and expertise.

If you have questions about adding a second story addition to your home, contact us. We’d love to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss what you’re looking for!

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