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Murray Lampert has been perfecting our design-build process since 1975. Our clients enjoy a single point of contact throughout their entire remodeling project, and their dedicated project manager keeps them informed daily, while ensuring the project stays on track and on budget.

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Video Transcript

ANNOUNCER: Our family, your home presented by Murray Lampert Design Build Remodel.

HEATHER ROWE: I’m Heather Rowe. Remodeling your home can be a real challenge and that is why it is so important to work with a team that includes a personal project manager. Gregg Cantor is joining us to talk about just that. Gregg, why is a project manager so critical and what’s their role?

GREGG CANTOR: He or she is our representative that works with the clients and communicates on a regular basis, visits job sites, schedules the trade partners, maintains quality control, meets inspectors, and sees the project all the way through to final inspection.

HEATHER ROWE: So you’re in good hands! Thanks so much, Gregg! If your family is thinking about remodeling your home, you can call Murray Lampert at 619-285-9222 or go to Murray Lampert, San Diego’s home remodeling experts since 1975.

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