INFOGRAPHIC - How Technology is Reshaping Home Design and Remodeling

INFOGRAPHIC - How Technology is Reshaping Home Design and Remodeling featured image

February 06, 2019 / by Gregg Cantor / In Infographics

The rise of the “Smart Home” is becoming more prevalent with each new technological advancement available to homeowners. There’s no shortage of opportunities to incorporate smart home technology into an upcoming remodeling project, even for tech-averse homeowners. Below we examine four ways in which technology - whether electronic or material - is reshaping the way that homeowners and contractors approach [home design and remodeling.

How Technology is Reshaping Home Design and Remodeling

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How Technology is Reshaping Home Design and Remodeling

1) Engineered Materials are Providing Strength, Style, and Tons of Options

Compared to natural stone, engineered stone surfaces won’t stain, won’t crack as easily, and can be customized to match just about any color scheme you’re looking for. Engineered lumber products are also changing the face of home remodeling and construction by offering builders a stronger, more sustainable material to choose for framing, flooring, and more.

2) Smart Home Technology Makes Life Easier and More Connected

Homeowners have been able to take advantage of smart home technology like video doorbells, smart locks, leak detectors, and programmable outlets and thermostats for a while now. In the last few years, new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ homes have hit the market, equipped with integrated home automation features, built-in wireless capabilities, and Amazon Alex voice controls.

3) Modular Design and Pre-fab Technologies Offer Speed and Convenience

Modular home construction is becoming increasingly popular, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Building a home off-site using pre-fabricated components means less job site mess and logistics, as well as the added benefit of speedy completion. It’s also more cost effective than building a custom home. Modern modular homes are also often packed with the latest in smart home technologies (including those we’re discussing here).

4) In-Home Entertainment Now Rivals the Big Screen Experience

The movie-going experience isn’t what it used to be, and it’s not just the high ticket prices to blame. Home entertainment technology has improved to the point that, for a relatively modest investment, homeowners can have a theater-like viewing experience in the comfort of their own home. Surround sound speakers and full-featured audio systems, 4K televisions with 3D capabilities, and modular home theater seating options are changing the meaning of “going to the movies.”


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