Four Recent Home Remodeling Trends

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Every year brings something new to the forefront of home remodeling. Trends of this year tend to be focused on practicality as well as environmental friendliness. Let’s take a look at how homeowners are changing up flooring, organizing living spaces, finding a moment of relaxation, and conserving energy of late.


One of the most popular trends in home remodeling for 2012 is installing bare flooring rather than carpeting in all areas of the home. Some homeowners are choosing tile or hardwood, while others are choosing cork and bamboo because these options have less impact on the environment. Cork flooring is made from tree bark, which is far more renewable than the tree itself because it is naturally shed every 10 to 15 years. There is also a recycled paper tile that is becoming very popular this year. It looks and feels like slate, but is friendlier to the environment than its slate counterpart.


More families are adding mud rooms to their home or converting their entryways into mudrooms. This gives them a space to store keys, backpacks, boots, coats, and other essential items. Homeowners with existing mudrooms are adding built-ins to make organization easier and decrease clutter in other areas of the home. Some homeowners add closets so that their belongings aren’t stored out in the open, while others add hooks and open shelving for easy access to everything they need when they are heading out the door.

Steam Showers

Soaking tubs were popular in the bathroom remodels of the last couple of years, but now homeowners are choosing to use their space for large steam showers, and most are foregoing the bathtub option altogether. Soaking tubs are very decorative, but many homeowners have found that they don’t actually take the time for a relaxing bath most of the time. Steam showers are popular because they have therapeutic effects, and are also designed to conserve water. This helps the homeowner relax and de-stress while saving money and getting them in and out of the bathroom faster to fit into their on-the-go lifestyle.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar is the new way to heat your home. Solar water heaters have become very popular in recent years, but entire solar thermal systems have been manufactured that can heat your entire home by converting sunlight into electricity. These systems help homeowners save large amounts of money on their electric bills and also greatly reduce the carbon emissions from their home. Some homeowners who install solar thermal systems are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30 percent of the cost to install the system in their home. This tax credit covers some of the cost of installing the system and the rest of the cost is usually recovered quickly in the form of lower energy bills. Home trends of 2012 focus on green energy, renewable resources, and the busy, active lifestyle of today’s homeowner. This can be seen in trends toward alternative flooring, therapeutic bathrooms, and solar powered systems in today’s modern home.

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