Earthquake Preparedness at Home

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Living in California, we have come to expect earthquakes from time to time. We know there is no way to predict exactly when a earthquake will hit, but we should all take steps to be prepared, know what to do to keep your family safe, and how to protect our pets and valuables.

Depending on the magnitude of a quake, the water supply could be affected. It is a good idea to always have an emergency supply of bottled water on hand. Other items that should be accessible in an emergency are flash lights, candles and a radio that runs on batteries. You may want to consider a generator or battery pack to recharge cell phones. If you have pets, keeping carriers handy is also a good idea. Make sure all family members know where to find these items.

During an earthquake, standing with your head facing a structural wall is a safe practice. You should also establish the best areas in your home for your family to take cover, and have escape routes identified.

A simple and inexpensive way help prevent breakage of valuables like crystal, glass figurines etc. is earthquake putty. You simply apply a small amount to base of these items. This keeps them from tipping over. Also, silicone or double sided adhesive behind wall mounted pictures keeps them secure.

Finally, make sure you know where your gas and water shut is located. Keep a shut off wrench in an easily accessible place.

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