7 Quick tips for minimizing water damage

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In an emergency situation, it’s hard to ignore that urge to DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW! It’s part of our natural response as thinking people, we want to protect our homes and belongings from the damage that we KNOW water can cause.

Regardless of your emotions it’s imperative that you do not take the DIY approach to rectifying water damage. This is more out of concern for the protection of you and your home (mold is a tricky and dangerous enemy). It’s easier and better to let professionals handle the situation.

IF you do find yourself unable to resist at least trying to get the recovery started (perfectly reasonable response), then here are 7 Quick Tips to minimizing Water Damage to your home.

Tip 1. Contact A Water Damage Repair Specialist

Your first step as a homeowner (as long as no one is in immediate danger) should always be to call a Water Damage Specialist. Typically if you do, you can rest assured that you’ll spend as little time as possible on the phone. A professional water damage company will handle the insurance companies for you after, so you can get your elbows greasy starting the restoration.

The thing is, depending on the severity of water damage, even the initial phases of restoration may take HOURS. So while you’re dabbing with the mop, more and more damage is being done as water seeps into wooden surfaces, damages electrical wiring and MOLD starts setting in…

Better to invest a few minutes into a call, then get to cleaning.

Tip #2 Safety First

Before you get to relocating water and lifting items out of harm’s way, arm yourself with a pair of puncture resistant boots and puncture resistant gloves. These will help to protect you from stray voltage (common in water damage situations) as well as sharp nails or sharp corners on objects that haven’t been moved around in a long time.

Tip #3. Disconnect the power, unplug any electronics, and remove electronics

If you can isolate the current to the affected area via a convenient and SAFE circuit board, shut it off as soon as possible. You can use your gloves and boots for this step as they’ll give you an extra layer of protection. Please don’t do this after coming into contact with any water, ESPECIALLY if the circuit board is located near the source of water damage.

Next you can look at loose electronics, lamps, cell phone chargers, iPads etc. Unplug or turn off what you can and safely relocate them from water.

Tip #4 Move Vulnerable items

Again, safety first.

IF YOU CAN, remove any highly vulnerable items from the vicinity. Books, small rugs, fabric materials like pillows are also especially vulnerable.

For big pieces of furniture that cannot necessarily be moved, try placing them on blocks of wood or Styrofoam blocks, until the professionals are able to handle it for you.

Tip #5 Get rid of water

If you don’t have easy access to a pump or other automated water removal, try to do what you can with buckets, mops or even towels. Whatever you can do to begin removing the bulk of water will assist the professional team when they eventually arrive.

Tip #6 Disinfect

If you’ve managed to handle most of the water on your own, or haven’t and decided to leave it to the pros, find the most effective disinfectant you can and go to town. Something sprayable is fine. The aim here is to provide some temporary protection against mold spores.

Tip #7 Dispose of damaged items

At this point the professionals have likely arrived and have begun to clean up the remaining water and fixing any structural damage with their construction crew.

If so, then it’s safe to begin collecting and responsibly disposing of any unsalvageable items you may still have in your vicinity.


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