5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Summer is just around the corner. While the sun’s rays make a more prominent appearance in your day, your home may not be as ready for the change of season as you are. Here are five ways you can ready your home for the summer to ensure your comfort all season.

1. Install an outdoor kitchen.

Barbecues are the staple of any American summer, bringing people together through the combination of grilled meats and great weather. If you plan to do more outdoor entertaining beyond the Fourth of July, consider expanding beyond a single portable grill. A full outdoor kitchen setup keeps you near all the action, giving you a complete work station for preparation, cooking, and serving.

Outfit your outdoor kitchen with a grill, sink, mini-fridge, storage, a wood-fired oven, and just about anything else you can imagine.

2. Set up a water feature.

Fountains, bird baths, water gardens, waterfalls, and ponds inherently exude a sense of harmony and tranquility. A water element can significantly cool your yard and help you relax when you feel like lounging in the sun. Water features certainly look cool, and the sounds of splashing water can drown out the more annoying noises of the average neighborhood, like lawn mowers, traffic, and passing helicopters.

3. Build a fire pit.

Installing a fire pit might seem strange considering summer’s heat, but at night, sitting around a roaring fire and sharing stories is a great way to unwind and pass the time. Fire pits add a distinctly earthy feel to your yard and provide an important focal point for night parties and entertaining throughout all seasons. A fire pit also offers another cooking element. Bake potatoes, roast weenies, or set up a grill and cook some steaks directly over the fire. There’s always the old fallback: marshmallows and s’mores.

4. Plant a garden.

It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the summer sun with a garden of your own. Plant seasonal, indigenous flowers alongside herbs, fruits, and veggies. You’ll get some amazing colors, tantalizing scents, and healthy, fresh ingredients for your summer meals. Even if you don’t have time, many herbs and flowers can take care of themselves, allowing you to benefit from the fruits of labor with minimal work.

5. Check your home cooling system.

When you’re not spending time enjoying the outdoors, you deserve to feel plenty comfortable in your own home. To stay cool and beat the heat, check your home cooling system now. You should get your air conditioning unit serviced professionally once a year. A professional can check for damage, leaks, or other elements that could prevent the equipment from running efficiently. Along with the unit itself, check the vents and air filters throughout your home. HVAC system filters can generally be cleaned and reused, though they should be replaced every few years.

Summer is a fun, adventurous time for all. Make sure your home is prepared and you’re sure to enjoy all that the season has to offer.

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