5 Spring Spruce-Ups for Your Home

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With March upon us, it’s a great time to brush off winter’s dust and take a renewed look at your outdoor living space. A good spring cleaning gives every homeowner a chance to learn about the important maintenance that keeps your home running efficiently and looking great, but it also gives you a chance to set up for the warm summer months, something we’re in no short supply of here in San Diego.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can spruce your space for spring.

Take a Gander at Your GuttersCleaning Gutters

In San Diego we just experienced some serious rainfall, so if you’re a resident here then we hope your gutters were clean before the storm hit! If not, it’s a great lesson in keeping gutters clear of debris. The colder months can take a heavy toll on gutters, which can lead to damage and leaks in the roof, walls, and foundation, leading to damp attics and basements. Check for loose, clogged, or damaged gutters and downspouts. A damaged downspout or clogged gutter can lead to standing water on the roof or puddles near the foundation of the home. In both of these instances, rot can set in and lead to mold.

Ventilate Victoriously

Warmer weather allows you to start opening windows and letting the home breathe itself free of stale air, allergens, and dust. This task also gives you the opportunity to clean windows, frames, tracks, sills, screens, hinges, curtains, blinds, etc.

Have your HVAC system checked out and ensure all parts are in working order and filters are clean. Spring is a great time to do this with new allergens circulating in the air. Not only will your air quality be improved; you’ll be set up with a fresh air conditioner once summer arrives and the days really heat up too.

Prepare the Pool

If you have a pool, now is a great time to begin prepping it for summer. Take this time to remove the cover, clean out any debris, and test and replace pumps and filters well in advance of the year’s first pool parties.

Trim Your Trees

It may seem like a strange time to go on a pruning mission, but trimming back foliage in the spring is a great way to prevent overgrowth before it starts. Bare branches can be cut away from the home’s foundation to prevent moisture and pests from making their home too near yours. This is also a great time to rake leaves, dirt, and other debris away from the home’s foundation before new growth makes it difficult to do so.

Polish the Particulars

Spring cleaning involves dusting, sweeping, mopping, and the usual cleaning duties, but it’s also a time to step back and give attention to the little details. Some important spring spruce-ups to remember include:

  • Turn over mattresses
  • Wash or shake/beat rugs outside
  • Steam clean carpets (shoot for once per year)
  • Wipe all baseboards clean
  • Clean cupboards and drawers—take items out first to decide if they are worth keeping
  • Clean out closets and dressers of old clothing to donate
  • Clean inside, behind, and underneath your oven and fridge

Spring cleaning is a great time to take a quick eye to the house as a whole and start cleaning up for a summer of smooth sailing. A weekend or two of hard work should allow you to accomplish everything on this list. Just don’t forget to put up your feet and enjoy your clean and prepped space when you’re done!

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