4 Home Remodeling Trends to Watch For in 2019

4 Home Remodeling Trends to Watch For in 2019 featured image

January 09, 2019 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home Remodeling , Approved Home Pros

From minimalist to traditional to contemporary to futuristic, there are many different home décor styles that remained popular in 2018 and will carry on into 2019. However, even the most timeless looks are getting an update as new key pieces make it onto the market, courtesy of the main game changers in the home improvement field. These new pieces range from exterior features to appliances for the kitchen, and they complement the looks we have already come to love. Already racking your brain trying to guess what these new trends could be? Here are four 2019 home remodeling trends you should keep an eye out for.

1. Wood Soffits and Exterior Walls

Sometimes called wooden boxed eaves, wood soffits are used to close off the underside of the rafter. It typically runs from the exterior wall of the home to a fascia board. While it does look stylish, the soffits also serve a functional purpose. They protect rafters and the overhangs of roofs from the damage often caused by nature.

Wood Soffits

Many contemporary-styled homes are also taking the wooden look a step further by creating wooden exterior made from hardwood siding. Homeowners are drawn to this style for multiple reasons. These include the look or style, ease of installation, easy replacement and the fact that wood is biodegradable. The most popular choices for hardwood sidings are cedar and redwood due to their natural resistance to decay.

2. Commercial-Style Narrow Frame Windows

Perhaps for security and energy reasons, older homes tend to feature smaller windows and fewer placements. Now that the home security and energy fields have advanced by leaps and bounds, more modern homes are making use of entire walls of glass running from floor to ceiling. Previously, this style coupled with narrow frames was a staple of commercial buildings and high-end high-rise hotels, as the windows offered panoramic views and let in beautiful natural light. But apparently, more people now want to enjoy these same benefits at home.

Black Narrow-Frame Windows

When upgrading to larger windows, it’s important to take a few things into consideration, or natural light can grow from beauty to nuisance in no time. Geographical location, climate, and direction in proximity to the rising and falling of the sun must be included in the calculations when designing window placement. For example, up north, it is advised to put more windows on the south and southwest of the home to maximize heat gain during the colder months.

3. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

Hardwood floors can really sell a home, but it now has serious competition from flooring made from luxury vinyl tiles. Through the use of 3D printing, companies are even able to produce vinyl flooring options that can pass for just about anything else, including hardwood and ceramic, but at a fraction of the cost.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

Aside from cost-effectiveness, there are many reasons homeowners may prefer LVT. It is ideal for families with pets and people who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses, as LVT doesn’t trap air contaminants the way carpets do. Because LVT is durable, low-maintenance and often soundproof and waterproof, it makes a great option for rental properties and can withstand the abuse of tenant after tenant.

4. Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Black stainless steel made its graceful entrance into the market back in 2017 when a design company created a tropical-themed dream kitchen featuring black stainless-steel appliances from Samsung. It was further popularized by Houzz, who featured the redesign and polled its readers on how likely they were to incorporate the design into their own homes. Fast-forward to more than a year and a half later and black stainless steel has become a timeless feature in kitchens across the globe.

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

If you’ve never heard of black stainless steel, it’s the same stainless steel you’re accustomed to with a special touch. Manufacturers have simply added an extra coat that creates a dark sheen. This small change can create a huge impact for customers looking for greater color contrast when remodeling kitchens and laundry rooms, especially as an alternative to true black.

Here are a few more bonus trends to watch for in 2019 as homeowners look to change up their flooring, get better organized, find moments of relaxation, and conserve more energy.


One of the most popular trends in home remodeling for 2012 is installing bare flooring rather than carpeting in all areas of the home. Some homeowners are choosing tile or hardwood, while others are choosing cork and bamboo because these options have less impact on the environment. Cork flooring is made from tree bark, which is far more renewable than the tree itself because it is naturally shed every 10 to 15 years. There is also a recycled paper tile that is becoming very popular this year. It looks and feels like slate, but is friendlier to the environment than its slate counterpart.


More families are adding mud rooms to their home or converting their entryways into mudrooms. This gives them a space to store keys, backpacks, boots, coats, and other essential items. Homeowners with existing mudrooms are adding built-ins to make organization easier and decrease clutter in other areas of the home. Some homeowners add closets so that their belongings aren’t stored out in the open, while others add hooks and open shelving for easy access to everything they need when they are heading out the door.

Steam Showers

Soaking tubs were popular in the bathroom remodels of the last couple of years, but now homeowners are choosing to use their space for large steam showers, and most are foregoing the bathtub option altogether. Soaking tubs are very decorative, but many homeowners have found that they don’t actually take the time for a relaxing bath most of the time. Steam showers are popular because they have therapeutic effects, and are also designed to conserve water. This helps the homeowner relax and de-stress while saving money and getting them in and out of the bathroom faster to fit into their on-the-go lifestyle.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar is the new way to heat your home. Solar water heaters have become very popular in recent years, but entire solar thermal systems have been manufactured that can heat your entire home by converting sunlight into electricity. These systems help homeowners save large amounts of money on their electric bills and also greatly reduce the carbon emissions from their home. Some homeowners who install solar thermal systems are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit equal to 30 percent of the cost to install the system in their home. This tax credit covers some of the cost of installing the system and the rest of the cost is usually recovered quickly in the form of lower energy bills. Home trends of 2012 focus on green energy, renewable resources, and the busy, active lifestyle of today’s homeowner. This can be seen in trends toward alternative flooring, therapeutic bathrooms, and solar powered systems in today’s modern home.

Home Again

Remodelers are seeing a huge demand for “companion units” (typically called granny flats or ADUs) as part of new additions or as a detached building. Some baby boomers are already reaching their golden years and families are remodeling their homes for aging in place a creative long term care solution. For many families, this is a lower-cost option than retirement homes or assisted-living.

AARP is working with builders on a designation for Certified Aging in Place Specialists. There are builders trained in designing and remodeling buildings for the elderly. Approximately 3,000 builders, contractors, remodelers and architects have already been certified.

Outdoor Spaces

In San Diego, increased property values led to the development of luxury outdoor living spaces like stone hardscapes, gourmet grilling kitchens, and elaborate patios with fireplaces. The recession may have slightly dinged the remodeling industry when it comes to outdoor spaces, but the concept survives. The investment in outdoor living spaces is a necessity even for homeowners that are budget minded. Consumers may be scaling back their wish list, but improving their outdoor living spaces for entertaining and family time is still popular. After all, families are traveling less, and staying home more.

Efficient Kitchens

Efficient means you can cook meals in a shorter period of time. At the peak of the real estate market in San Diego, you would hear words like “granite” and “high-end appliances”. Now, “cost effective” and “value” are key words for kitchen remodeling. Homeowners are willing to give up a little food preparation area in favor of larger eating areas and family rooms. Large islands with ample storage and eating areas are very popular and help make kitchens look less like a work space and more like an expansion of the family room.

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