3 Steps to BBQ Season

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BBQ season is finally almost here. When we finally escape the doldrums of winter for the more favorable temperatures that accompany spring, we also escape the restrictions of indoor cooking.

Who wants to spend a beautiful spring day inside hunched over the oven cooking a casserole? Trade in the oven mitts for a grilling apron—it’s time to barbeque.

But if you’re serious about getting your grillin’ on, you know you can’t just wheel out an old rusty Kenmore and get right into burning hot dogs. The onset of BBQ season means hosting intimate gatherings with friends, backyard baseball tailgate parties, and even an occasional morning meal of steak and eggs before work.

None of this is possible without an adequate space to do it. Follow this handy guide and get on your way to BBQ season in style.

Preparing Your Outdoor Space for BBQ Season

Step 1: Clear Your Space

The first step to a new BBQ space is to rid yourself of the old stuff that has no value, aesthetic or otherwise. That means tossing the musty old furniture, the cracked parasol table, the plastic drink cart and of course, the rusty old Kenmore.

Besides, you need to make room for what comes in Step 2.

Step 2: Plan Your Space

Now that you can look out at your outdoors space without any obstructions, think about what major features you’ve always wanted in your BBQ area that will guide your overall outdoor living area design. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • If you host parties, make sure to include ample seating by way of benches or heavy-duty furniture.
  • If you want to chill outside and watch the game on TV while you grill, go for an outdoors entertainment center with an all-weather cover for safe storage.
  • Whether you grill late at night or not, install a fire pit. There’s nothing like fireside grilling, especially when your pit is built right into your patio.

But the coup de gras of outdoor cooking is, of course, the

An outdoor kitchen is a scaled-down version of your indoor kitchen and includes whatever utilities you want. A popular strategy is to knock out the top half of the kitchen’s exterior wall. By making a peninsula out of the wall’s bottom half, you can make a double-sided counter that gives you access to utilities and food from both the inside and outside. Doors or windows can be installed where the wall used to be so you can close off the room to the elements.

After all, some summer days in San Diego are just too hot not to spend in the air conditioning.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Space

Once your new patio kitchen is completed, along with your custom fire pit and seating area, you’ll wonder why you ever used to spend time indoors at all.

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