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Rancho Penasquitos is a welcoming, friendly area with a strong sense of community. Events such as the Fun Run, Street Fair and the Parade bring Rancho Penasquitos residents together. With the population of around 50,000 residents, this San Diego neighborhood is ideal for families.

Like in any other modern area, and especially the one as thriving as Rancho Penasquitos, the residents are experiencing a change of lifestyle towards a more comfortable one. The comfort is mostly reflected in improved home functionality and appeal. Building and design go hand in hand, so it is no wonder that Rancho Penasquitos residents decide to go for companies that provide a wide range of home renovation services. It saves both their time and money, and they can fully enjoy the final outcome.

Custom Rancho Penasquitos Kitchen Remodeling

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Rely on design, build & remodel experts

Remodeling a kitchen is a multi-trade project so it should be handled by an experienced company. Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel is not only a 4 generation strong renovation expert, but also a trusted San Diego company. Hiring us for your kitchen remodeling in Rancho Penasquitos means you will get a excellent job done with faultless workmanship and high-quality materials – all that at affordable rates.

The diversity of improvements we can make to your kitchen is vast. Depending on what kind of improvements you wish for your kitchen, we will make a detailed plan and design and carry it out within the designated time frame. Our staff consists of professionals in various design, build and remodel trades, so you can be sure we have what you need. Maybe you want to change the design of the kitchen by installing additional features, rearranging the fixtures and fittings, refinishing or completely replacing the cabinets and countertops. Perhaps you want to get a luxurious kitchen with the minimum budget requirements – we can design a new lighting scheme that will transform your kitchen as if by magic. The possibilities are endless, you just need to tell us what you need and we are on it.

Murray Lampert stands for reliability and superior customer service

In a customer-driven market, it is only natural that customer satisfaction should be a company’s main priority. Many favorable reviews from the clients whose kitchen we have designed, built or remodeled testify to our commitment to all of San Diego County. Murray Lampert has an airtight reputation, earned through more than 40 years of servicing San Diego and all its environs professionally and diligently.

Our work was also rewarded with two most prestigious awards in the industry. Better Business Bureau recognized our commitment to marketplace ethics by awarding us the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics four times. Moreover, our dedication to exceptional customer service was officially acclaimed by GuildQuality and substantiated by the 2015 Guildmaster Award.

We bring your vision to life

It is not enough simply to do a satisfactory job. What we have been dedicated to is an outstanding service and the result that will stun you. To bring your exact vision to life, our designers and architects work closely with you, listen to your ideas and subsequently come up with a design. Our part of the job is to make sure the materials we use are durable, the designs impeccable, and that the work is done as agreed and by the assigned deadline.

We even go a step further and present you with a 3D render of your remodel project before any work begins in your home. We want to make sure your ideas are well understood and all your requests for improvements are incorporated into the design.

For more information on the range of our services, visit our kitchen remodeling Rancho Santa Fe page.

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