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Boasting a population of 175,464 residents, Oceanside is currently the third largest city in San Diego. A coastal town known for its natural beauty and warm sandy beaches, Oceanside is home to the California Surf Museum. Since World War II, the northern area has housed the Camp Pendleton U.S Marine Corps base because of its great strategic importance. The town is mostly warm throughout the year, making it a favorable vacation destination for Californians and tourists alike. The environment is ideal for hosting retreats and festive events of all kinds. It has gained popularity over time as a vacation home town and this has seen a rapid growth of vacation estate property in the area.

Vacation homes are designed to enhance the recreational and relaxation mood of the residents. This means that every design should be both attractive and fully functional. Since 1975, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel has been specializing in providing superior design-build services for our clients throughout San Diego County. We understand what a vacation home should be like and we consistently work with our experts to provide the most suitable, yet exciting designs.

Oceanside Kitchen Remodeling Services

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The kitchen is the heart of any home and is used more frequently than nearly every other room. Murray Lampert offers a number of cost-effective kitchen remodeling and installation services that will help bring your dream kitchen to life. We pride ourselves on years of experience in the design-build and remodeling business, during which we’ve constantly evolved and adapted to changing trends and techniques.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We take dreams and turn them into reality with our new enviable 3D modeling technology. We integrate new technology to give you the feeling of what your new kitchen will look like. We also go a step further and recommend designs that would best suit your kitchen depending on the size and ambience. Our architects and designers consider your ideas and incorporate them into a well-planned modern design.

Dependable Kitchen Remodeling Services

Over the past 40+ years, our team has perfected the craft of full-service home remodeling and putting our clients’ needs first. We engage a team of reliable, highly skilled and trustworthy planners, designers, architects, and craftsmen. Our services remain unrivaled in the larger San Diego region. Our teams of professionals is supervised by dedicated project managers throughout the design-build process to ensure quick service delivery. We do not have any hidden charges. We design our contracts to be fully transparent and easy to interpret, and our relationship with suppliers ensures competitive and accurate pricing as well as timely delivery.

Oceanside Custom Kitchen Remodels

We work closely with our clients to provide customized designs and installations. We walk customers through the layouts and best possible scenarios through our computer aided modeling systems. What’s even better is that we offer free consultation to ensure we fully understand the needs of various homeowners. We also advise you on the best quality installations, fixtures and fittings for your kitchen, based on your wishes and budget.

Our Achievements Speak for Themselves

Murray Lampert has won numerous awards in the industry over the years. We’ve won the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics four times (2007, 2008, 2010, 2014), which has led us to becoming the preferred home remodeling company in San Diego. If you are looking for reliable and professional kitchen remodeling Oceanside services, contact us today for a free in-home consultation and let us do the rest.

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