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What makes North Park stand out is its architecture, reflecting the era of California’s suburban development with its Craftsman cottages and bungalows.

As one of the fastest-growing urban San Diego communities, North Park is seeing a growing trend in home remodeling and renovation. Residents try to keep up to date with the latest housing trends and modernize their homes so that they become more attractive, comfortable and functional. Home improvement projects are diverse, but most homeowners focus first on the kitchen, as the most vital part of a home.

North Park Kitchen Remodeling

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The leader in kitchen remodeling in North Park

Are you looking for a trustworthy and professional company to handle your kitchen remodeling in North Park? Murray Lampert is the premier residential remodeling, home renovation and construction agency with over four decades of experience. We have been working hard on establishing ourselves as the go-to brand for all things related to home remodeling. Our portfolio includes thousands of homes and our satisfied customers have recognized our reasonable prices, quality workmanship and friendly staff. If you need any references before hiring us, look no further than your neighborhood, as it is likely that we were behind at least one kitchen remodeling project in your neighborhood in North Park.

Kitchen remodeled to last

In order to deliver your dream kitchen, Murray Lampert offers a wide variety of services accompanying our kitchen remodeling projects. We offer custom designed kitchen cabinets and countertops, tailored to your taste and your wallet. We take care of dealing with everything from electrical installations and plumbing to various construction works if necessary. We arrange for all the required permits so nothing is ever done off the books. Our friendly designers and architects will help turn your dreams into reality and turn your ideas into blueprints.

Our expert designers turn dreams into reality

In order to ensure that the final product is just as our clients imagine it, our designers take a few steps to familiarize themselves with your idea and come up with a plan of action. The first step is a meeting between the esteemed client and both our designer and architect. After you present us with your idea, we will translate it into the first draft. We will then present you with several designs we come up with based on this draft and our meeting to determine which one is closest to the kitchen you envisioned. Then we discuss the cost and the materials you want us to use, after which we will present you with plans, 3D renders and even a virtual tour of your new kitchen. This will help you get the final picture of what your new kitchen will look like before we start the construction. After we’ve agreed upon all the parameters, we will create the final design. When we get the green light from the customer, the undertaking can begin. We go into all this detail to ensure that the client knows exactly what they are getting and that there is no margin for error.

Complete kitchen remodel North Park project management

Kitchen remodeling can be a stressful experience, which is why we at Murray Lampert offer complete project management to our valued customers, which means that the customer has to deal with only one representative and receives a single invoice for all the items purchased and services rendered by outside contractors. We will take care of coordinating every single step of the process, so you can relax and rejoice that you will be receiving a new kitchen, stress free! We aim to keep the entire process transparent, meaning that there are no hidden expenses, no low-quality materials and no shortcuts of any kind.

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