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As an affluent San Diego community, Hillcrest is known for its diversity and tolerance. It boasts many locally-owned businesses, and with its trendy cafes, restaurants and bars, it really is a lively place to live.

Both residents and visitors love the Heritage Market, a bustling place with fragrant coffee shops and live music, and the Highway’s first supper club – the Heritage Supper Theatre.

Sport lovers simply adore Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park, which provides well-kept mountain biking trails, and also houses a restaurant for the bikers – all of which offer magnificent views.

Residents of this vibrant community have turned from traditional homes to more modern, planet-friendly ones that provide more comfort and efficiency. Therefore, home renovation projects are very common.

Hillcrest Kitchen Remodeling Experts

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Excellent kitchen remodel service in Hillcrest

When it comes to home improvements, kitchen remodeling is an inevitable practice. Remodeling your kitchen is beneficial whether for meeting the ever-growing family needs, staging a house for sale in the real estate market, or just enhancing the overall appeal of your home. It is true that home-buyers have advanced in their demands and are slowly turning away from old-fashioned homes. Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel specializes in kitchen remodeling and other residential home renovations. We deliver exceptional service with the Murray Lampert difference.

Our kitchen remodeling in Hillcrest is cost-effective

Even though most people are thrilled by the idea of remodeling their kitchen, their excitement subsides at the thought of remodeling costs. With our Hillcrest kitchen remodel, you can eliminate all financial worries by hiring a budget-conscious kitchen remodeling service.

To help you make informed and money-saving decisions, our kitchen remodeling designers will guide you through every step of the remodeling process and present all designer solutions available.

Customizing kitchen cabinets and countertops

Excellent kitchen remodels start with replacing old-fashioned countertops with more modern, natural stone-like granite to add instant appeal. Ideally, most luxury kitchens are designed from granite. Whatever your choice may be, trust our expert team to envisage your personalized kitchen remodel.

We proudly offer custom kitchen cabinet construction, so that your design and style preferences aren’t achieved at the expense of your home budget.

Creating a unique backsplash

Custom design backsplash tiles can transform the look of your kitchen, especially the areas next to your cooking stove or other surfaces that require protection against moisture. Trendy backsplash styles that you can choose from include antique mirrors, glamorous glass, mother-of-pearl mosaic, earthly natural designs, porcelain or limestone and many more. Consult our designers and go on a virtual 3D tour of your new kitchen.

Kitchen appliances upgrade

Style and functionality are two factors that should come in harmony whenever you think of a kitchen revamping project. Apart from counting a lot in the general appeal of your kitchen, modern appliances can also lower your monthly bills. So, if you are thinking of kitchen remodeling, consider buying new ENERGY STAR appliances. Upgrading to the latest energy-efficient appliances brings an additional value to your investment.

Your sink area counts a lot in portraying the overall look of your kitchen. Obtaining a new faucet head and replacing an old sink forms a critical part of kitchen remodeling. Your sink and faucet create the first impression to visitors and potential home buyers. Our designers will therefore guide and advise you on the options that work best for your kitchen style.

Get a more functional kitchen with our kitchen remodel in Hillcrest

A kitchen remodel can undoubtedly make your kitchen more functional if you hire professionals to plan and design with you to meet your needs and reflect your style. You can also expand the space of your kitchen to suit your cooking needs in case of a small kitchen area.

Our Hillcrest kitchen remodeling team is dedicated to providing you with unrivaled kitchen remodeling services at pocket-friendly rates. Regardless of the space of your kitchen, enhanced functionality is guaranteed. Call us for a free consultation and let us know how we can turn your ideas into a brand-new kitchen you will love!

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