5 Ways to Create a Timeless Kitchen

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There are many elements of kitchen remodeling that make kitchens feel timeless rather than trendy. The wall color, cabinet design, flooring, and counter tops that are the popular trends of today might not stand the test of time. Because trends are just that, a passing popularity, it’s best to choose neutral/natural colors and materials because they always come back in style and can be easily updated or stylized with accent design elements.

Natural Materials

Because cabinetry and countertops are the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, it’s best to go with clear wood species like maple or alder and medium stains that will hold up and not become trendy. For countertops, there are many neutral color choices in granite or quartz. Imagine two homes built in the 70s, one with the trendy yellow-tinted linoleum flooring and matching Formica countertops, the other with hardwood flooring and neutral countertops. The latter is surely the one that still looks beautiful.


One of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make is putting too much detail into their cabinets, countertops and other elements of the kitchen. Ornate kitchen cabinets may look great today, but the cabinets are likely to look dated in less than ten years. Plus, the more ornate the permanent features in your kitchen are, the harder it is to decorate and redecorate without clashing.


No matter what theme you choose to decorate the kitchen, it is very important that it fits the style within the rest of the home. Some homeowners update just their kitchens and bathrooms when they are ready to sell, making the rest of the home look dated by comparison. It’s better to make small updates throughout the home so that it flows well and doesn’t look like certain areas have been neglected while others are cutting edge.


Storage is one of the most important elements of a good kitchen. Storage is part of the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it is also part of the functionality—and functionality never goes out of style. During a kitchen remodel, one of the most important things to discuss with your contractor is creating adequate storage space. This might include utilizing wasted space, changing the height and depth of cabinets, installing decorative and functional shelving, and installing cabinet shelves that pull out like drawers for easier access to the items you use the most.

Neutral Colors

Bright colors are popular for kitchens today, but it’s best to paint your walls neutral colors so you don’t feel the need to repaint when brighter colors are no longer in style. Homeowners who want to brighten their kitchens with colors should choose towels, canisters, and other items that are commonly visible around the room in bright shades. This makes it easy to change colors and keep up with current trends as they change without having to completely revamp the room. Paint can be painted over, sure—but it’s often a bigger project than most people give it credit for, and it ends up at the bottom of the to-do list quite easily.

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