On a Budget? Remodel This, Not That

While you want to make your home look its best, you may not have the budget you’d like to achieve that goal. Thankfully, there are several home remodel projects that offer a high ROI. These ensure that you don’t spend money on making your home look great without boosting its overall value, which you’re sure to be focused on if there’s a chance you’ll put your home on the market in the future. Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel is here to let you know which remodels are easiest on your wallet and best on your home’s value.

Garage Door Replacement

Besides offering a place for you to store your vehicle and your belongings, your garage should also offer a measure of security. For that reason, remodeling projects that include the garage conversions and garage door replacements offer a solid ROI. Specifically, you want a door replacement of the four-section variety that operates on a galvanized steel track. Give attention to the overall curb appeal of your garage door, as well.

Attic Insulation

Insulating the attic is probably one of the last things you think of when it comes to residential remodeling. The reason this renovation is such a good investment is that a well-insulated home is more energy efficient and keeps homeowners from spending more than necessary on their heating and cooling bills, because air isn’t escaping.

Door Replacement

Simply replacing the doors of your home can make a bigger difference than you may realize. Because you’re on a budget, you should replace your entry door first and see if you have anything left over to replace the other doors of your home. Just like the garage door, quality entry doors offer peace of mind thanks to their security. Be sure your new door has dual-pane, half-glass panels along with composite stops and an aluminum threshold for maximum security and energy efficiency.

New Landscaping

For added curb appeal and overall aesthetics, pay attention to how your landscape looks. Adding a bit of color with plants, shrubs, trees and flowers can put you in a great mood whenever you look outside at your front or backyard and when you pull up to your home. Just make sure you take proper care of your landscaping, and focus on planting trees to offer your home some shade in the summer to help keep the cost of cooling your residence low.

Build a Deck

One of the biggest perks of owning a home is having a yard. You can maximize that space and boost your home’s value by building a deck on your property. Decks are great for entertaining guests, holding family dinners or just relaxing. Such versatility means that future potential buyers can envision using the space however they wish.

Kitchen Renovation

Some families spend more time in the kitchen than they do in any other room in the house. That’s why you should definitely focus on making your kitchen as gorgeous and functional as possible. Rather than doing a complete overhaul, the best use of your money is making small changes, such as putting new knobs on your cabinet doors, installing new plumbing fixtures, re-laminating your counters and getting appliances that are energy efficient.

New Siding

Your home’s siding does a lot more than bring together the overall appearance of your property; it also protects your residential property. New siding can better insulate your home, making it more energy efficient. You’re sure to feel more comfortable with new siding, and you’re likely to find it’s less expensive to heat and cool your home with new siding if your current siding has worn out and no longer performs as well as it should.

Updated Bathroom

Much like your kitchen, the bathroom is another commonly used room in the house, which means it needs to look great and be as functional as possible. A new toilet, lights and vanity can make your bathroom look and feel brand new. No matter how you choose to renew the aesthetic of your bathroom, just make sure you’ve got proper ventilation for steam so you don’t have to deal with issues such as mold and mildew, which can lead to a number of other avoidable problems.

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