Low Bidders, A Bad Idea For San Diego Home Remodeling Part 2

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Quality of Materials and Construction

Quality ingredients and a good cook is a recipe for success.  For San Diego home remodeling, the same rule holds true.  Chances are, a lower priced contractor will not use the same quality materials or qualified craftsman on your project and my not have proper supervision either.

Hidden Costs

It is infuriating if you don’t get what you pay for on any purchase, and a home remodel is one of the largest expenditures you will make in your lifetime.  Unfortunately you won’t find out until you are in the middle of the home remodeling project when cost overruns begin and the work is not up to par.  Before signing a contract, make sure all products are clearly specified in the contract, and you have seen the caliber of workmanship your contractor is capable of.

What is in a low bid?

1.  The most common reasons a contractor is substantially lower priced then others are:

2.  Inexperienced or unqualified in home remodeling design, pricing and craftsmanship.

3.  Intentionally undercutting other bidders knowing that they will come back to you for extras.

4.  Lack of proper licensing, insurance and bonding.

5.  Cutting corners by using substandard materials and/or trades.

6.  No supervision.  Project managers/superintendents are another expense.

7.  Under engineering the structural and energy requirements.

8.  Not obtaining permits which are required and most projects.

Protect Yourself

1.  Be wise when spending your hard-earned money and weigh your options carefully.

2.  Use your instincts and don’t be rushed to make a decision..

3.  Don’t ever base you decision on low price or how much you have to spend.

4.  If the bids are not within your comfort zone save your money and wait.  Do not keep searching for a contractor that meets your budget.

5.  Go shopping so you know the cost of the fixtures and finishes you want to use.

6.  Ask questions like what is not included.

7.  Get a detailed scope of work based on a plan that reflects everything you want.

8.  Request proof of insurance and worker’s compensation.

9.  Ask for references of current projects and completed projects within the last 3 years.

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