5 Great Uses for an Extra Room

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Most homeowners want to maximize the space in every room of their home, but have trouble deciding what to do with the extra space when their kids have moved out or they no longer need that home office. Conversely, some homeowners don’t have enough space in their home for the things they like to do, and decide to build an additional room. Whether you’ve got an extra room or two waiting for a purpose or you’re considering building one, here are 5 ways you might use that space.

1. Home Gym

Many homeowners avoid going to the gym because they don’t have time or they are concerned about other people seeing them work out. A home gym is an excellent use of an extra room because you can purchase only the machines that you use and also keep from worrying about what other people think. You will also be able to use your own shower after a workout and can turn the TV to any station without risking judgment from other people or vying for your channel.

2. Library

Many living rooms are dominated by the television and are not comfortable places to read. Turning a room in your home into a library is a great option because most people find reading to be very relaxing and comforting. All you need is a couple of bookshelves and a few comfortable chairs. To make the space extra special, create a small coffee nook with a coffee and/or espresso machine and cups so that you can have hot coffee with your book or newspaper right there in the library. Plus, the smell of coffee mixed with the smell of books is a bibliophile’s dream!

3. Art Studio

Homeowners who love to draw or paint can use an extra room in their home as a studio. This gives you a quiet place to draw or paint and you won’t have to clean up in the middle of a project because someone else needs to use the table. This would also be the perfect space for kids’ crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, beading, and any other creative outlet you can imagine.

4. Storage Room

Turning an extra room in y our home into a storage room can save you money because you will have a place to store all of the items you buy on sale (especially if you’ve joined the couponing trend). Many people stock up after Christmas or on Black Friday when there are good deals on toys, clothing, decorations, and other items. An extra room gives you a place to organize and store these items until you are ready to use them or give them away. You can also store non-perishable food items that you bought on sale. Buying in bulk when foods you eat are on sale is a great way to save money. It also helps you be more prepared in case of emergency.

Guest Bedroom

The most common use for an extra bedroom is a guest bedroom. Having a dedicated space in your home for guests means that you won’t have to rearrange your home when someone comes to visit for a few days. Set up your guests with a comfortable bed, extra blankets, storage space for their luggage, a few books or magazines, and a comfortable chair. An extra room is a great place for you to spread out and entertain new ideas on increasing the comfort and creative space that your home can offer—what other possibilities can you think of?

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