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Continuing on my window topic, I thought it would be a good time to discuss glass types before talking about other window types and manufacturers.

Be cautious and don’t get sold a bill of goods on glass packages for windows.  In San Diego County, our temperatures are mild so typical Low E - Dual Glazing should cover most conditions.  Only in non-shaded areas that get direct sun should you consider tinted or reflective glass, and triple pane is overkill.

There are companies that will try to sell you on argon gas upgrades which is touted to have insulation value making it more efficient.  Argon is odorless and invisible, so there is no real way to prove you are getting it.  Also, some say it dissipates after a few years, and there is no way to replace the argon gas.  I am not a believer in argon and consider it hype.

Don’t forget that tempered glass is required on all doors, in tub/shower areas, below 18 inches on walls and within 12 inches of a door swing.

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