What the Most Popular Houzz Images Tell Us About Home Trends

What the Most Popular Houzz Images Tell Us About Home Trends featured image

July 05, 2018 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home Remodeling , Home DIY Tips

A platform built for homeowners, Houzz offers home design and inspiration to keep the creative ideas free flowing. Additionally, Houzz offers a feature where searchers can seek and find home improvement professionals. Touted as “the Pinterest for homeowners,” there is a huge reason why Houzz has become such a popular destination for all things home design.

When you search through Houzz, the content seems limitless. They do a fantastic job of maintaining and updating their platform with the best home design content possible.

For the purpose of this blog post, we’d like to highlight and examine a few of the most popular images on Houzz today. These images will give you insights into the hottest trends in design. Without further adieu, here are the 5 most popular images on Houzz.

1) Timeless Darkwood Floor Kitchen - San Francisco

We aren’t surprised this kitchen is #1. Seek inspiration from this timeless, bright white kitchen with contrasting dark wood floors. All we have to say when we look at this photo is “YES!”

white kitchen cabinets with dark wood floor houzz

2) Woodinville Retreat - Seattle

Similar to the most popular image on Houzz (above), the second most searched image is that of a stunning white kitchen. This design however, has slightly lighter hardwood throughout. We love the high ceilings and 2 story windows that open up the space.

seattle transitional kitchen with light hardwood floors houzz

3) Contemporary Bathroom - Toronto

Are you noticing a trend yet? Designs that incorporate a majority of bright whites aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. We think this contemporary bathroom is stunning, with just enough dark wood accents to balance out the neutrals.

white contemporary bathroom design toronto houzz

4) Modern Ranch Bathroom - Minneapolis

Home organization is a trend that will never go out of the style. Lately, we’ve seen home storage and organization on the forefront of homeowner’s minds more than ever. We believe people are really understanding the longterm benefits of having a clean & tidy space. Not only do we love the design of this modern ranch bathroom, but we love the subtle components added to create more ease of use for the homeowner.

contemporary bathroom organization houzz

5) Creative Kitchen Utensil Storage - Portland

On a similar vein, the 5th most popular image on Houzz is one that showcases one of the many kitchen storage possibilities at a homeowner’s disposal. Chances are, you find yourself frustrated at least once a week while searching for a kitchen utensil. Standard drawers become dark pits that make it difficult to find what you need. We absolutely love how this faux drawer appears as though it is two separate pieces, but once you pull it open, it reveals organizers that display your kitchen utensils vertically. Who wouldn’t love something like this in their kitchen?

creative kitchen utensil storage portland houzz

Wrapping Up

It comes as no surprise that there are several parallels between the 5 most popular Houzz images of all time. We can identify neutrals as being the ideal aesthetic for most homeowners today, and that is validated when you look at every single one of these photos. Each image helps you visualize how to properly balance neutrals with dark tones. Additionally, home storage features are such a desired component for homeowners. This is not so much a trend, as it is a dire need for those craving order in an otherwise fast-paced daily life.

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