The Three Little Pigs Remodel

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Once upon a time there were three little piggies, Straw Piggy, Wood Piggy and Brick Piggy. The three little piggies were neighbors, and all three wanted to remodel their homes. The problem was that none of the little piggies knew how to get started. They decided to consult with the wise advisor in the woods the lawyer B.B. Wolf.

Brick Piggy, since he was the smartest piggy, arranged the meeting and all three piggies went to meet Mr. Wolf. Brick Piggy asked “Mr. Wolf, we need to remodel our homes, but we don’t know how. Can you help us”? “Of course” replied Mr. Wolf “I have a lot of experience with remodeling homes” (wink, wink). There are 2 ways to remodel a home. The first way is the inexpensive way. First you hire a carpenter, and you manage the project. That means that you make the calls to all of the trades, the electrician, the plumber, the sheetrocker. It’s easy, anybody can do it. Draw up some plans on a napkin or piece of paper, and you are on your way. Oh, and don’t forget to buy your materials at some discount material warehouse.

Straw Piggy didn’t need to hear any more. “That is how I want to remodel my home” panted Straw Piggy. “I am going to remodel my home the inexpensive way.” And off her ran to find a carpenter.

Mr. Wolf addressed the remaining Piggies. “The second way to remodel your home is more costly. First you hire an architect to draw up some plans. After the plans are done you take those plans and give them, three at least. Look for the really hungry ones. You should get some really good prices. Make sure you take the lowest bid. This will guarantee a well planned project at the best possible price.”

Wood Piggy liked this way. “I don’t mind paying a little bit more,” said Wood Piggy. Especially since I can probably make some of the cost up by hiring the low bid. Like you said before Mr. Wolf, I like that I can have a well planned project, and still get a low price for the build part. After all, it’s easy, anybody can do it. Add off he ran to find an architect.

Brick Piggy stood in front of Mr. Wolf. “Mr. Wolf, said Brick Piggy “I am not comfortable with either way. I think I am going to do some research. There must be another way to remodel your home.” Remember Brick Piggy was smart. Brick Piggy went home and did some research. He discovered that there is another way to remodel your home. A piggy could hire a professional design build company. A design builder will do the planning and the building. The process manages the two unknowns of a remodeling project, how much it will cost and what it will look like, together. The piggy and the design builder develop trust early in the process. The resulting project is a good experience, built with quality at the predetermined investment, and meets the needs of piggy. Brick Piggy decided to find a professional design build firm.

One month, two months, three months, four months, five months. What do you think happened? Straw Piggy has not finished his project. The carpenter got about 90% complete and decided he had to move onto the next project. The plumbers and electricians did not return Straw Piggie’s calls and the delays were annoying. The materials that Straw Piggy bought really haven’t lasted well and Straw Piggie’s project is falling apart. Straw Piggy has hired BB Wolf esp. to sue the different trades for breach of contract and the material supplier for poor quality.

Wood Piggy’s project never was started. The project the architect designed could not be built for Wood Piggy’s budget. Even the low bid was too high. Wood Piggy has hired B.B. Wolf Esq. to sue the architect to get back the design fee. Oh, and Wood Piggy has also retained Mr. Wolf’s services in the divorce proceedings of his wife.

And what about Brick Piggy? Brick Piggy is almost complete with his design build project. He is so happy with his project. The project has met his needs and the relationship with his design builder is so strong that he is planning his next project. Brick Piggy is going to build some rental apartments on his property. Straw Piggy and Wood Piggy will be moving in as soon as the apartments are ready.

And they all lived happily ever after!

Written By Hudson Valley Preservation Mason Lord

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