Summer 2019 Home Remodeling Trends

Home remodeling trends and style guides are everywhere; there’s no escaping them. We live in a world that never stops rolling with suggestions, tips, tricks, and pointers. But, as a design-build group, we see a lot of trends happening first hand, because – well –we work in and on homes! Many of these trends are not our taste, but there are still dozens that excite us. Over the last few months we’ve been observing the style choices on both Instagram and in the San Diego area, and as trend watchers, we think it’s safe to say we have an excellent list of trend concepts that will be quite popular as we move into summer. Check them out below!

Trend #1: Funky Colored Cabinets

dark green cabinets with black countertop Funky is a rather subjective statement; it just depends on who you ask. Regardless, for the last twenty-or-so years, cabinets have either been painted white or kept their natural wood grain. Thus– going against the grain means painting your cabinets. We personally love this deep green, and have seen it take popular social media sites like Instagram & Pinterest by a storm. Pairing it with a vintage-styled runner isn’t a bad choice either. With that said: step outside of your comfort zone, try a color that resonates with your lifestyle, and see how much it tones down the overall feeling of your kitchen.

Trend #2: Concrete Countertops

concrete countertop on modern, rustic kitchen island In the past, concrete countertops have always been associated with homes that have a more industrial feel. As of late, concrete countertops are going into a variety of different styled homes. It’s more cost effective than quartz or marble, and it is extremely easy on the eye. Deciding if you’d want to go through with it may be the toughest part, but seeing the beauty first hand when looking up #concretecountertops on Instagram should be convincing enough that it’s worth it. If you’re the kind of person that likes a spotless kitchen this may not be the best option, but if you’re up for a little character, concrete countertops should be right up your alley.

Trend #3: Lime Wash Walls

lime wash bedroom wall We’re calling it now: lime wash walls will soon be highly desired amongst most, if not all, homeowners. The fusion between vintage and modern collide at the core of this well-mixed and exceptionally tasteful painting technique. Whether you want it as an accent wall or on all four walls, lime wash walls deliver depth to a room, relaxation to its visitors, and delight to your mood. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like having things hang from the walls, lime wash is a great option, because it’s a piece of art in itself. Dive around Pinterest to see more lime wash for yourself!

Trend #4: Partially Exposed Walls

partially exposed wall with brick underneath If you’re looking to remodel an investment property this season so that it can be rented out on AirBNB or VRBO, we suggest that you look into one of the biggest remodeling trends of the season: partially exposed walls. Knocking out half– or even a quarter– of a wall, and embracing it as an accent wall can do a lot to provide that young, urban feel that so many rentals are going for. It’s not exactly as easy as it sounds and there is certainly select ways to do it, so if you have any questions on how to get started, please connect with us here. However, this remodeling trend is superb if you’re looking to deliver an exponential amount of depth and curiosity to a room. Make sure you know how much of the original drywall you’d like to remove before hand, and don’t stress making the lines straight and perfect. The imperfections make the project perfect.

Trend #5: Enclosing A Two Story Space

enclosed two story space in home Back in the 90s and early 2000s, having an open, two story space above your living room or family room was a huge design trend. It made the ceilings sky-high, provided a fun cat-walk for the second story hallway, and opened up space by a long shot. However, with property values rising all across San Diego and the surrounding area, homeowners are looking for more ways to increase the usability of their space and enhance its value. Enclosing a two story space can do just that. By enclosing a two story space, another bedroom (or two) can be added over what was once negative space. This is a job that is specifically designed for design-build companies, so if you’re interested in turning your three bedroom home into a four or five bedroom home, go ahead and click the link below to connect with a Murray Lampert project manager.

If one of these summer design trends resonated with you, we’d love to hear your feedback! As always, we’re here for you and your design-build needs, so please reach out should you have any questions.


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