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Murray Lampert has been building and improving San Diego homes since 1975. We’ve been developing relationships with craftsman, material suppliers, and building officials in San Diego for over 38 years.

We employ the finest craftsmen who install the highest quality materials. Our building practices far exceed standard San Diego building code. Energy efficient construction is part of every project at no additional cost.

Design-Build Contractor Services in San Diego

With our experienced project managers, the Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel production department can handle any project from a simple bathroom to a complex second story addition or major home renovation. Your personal project manager will keep you informed from the initial pre-construction meeting to the final inspection. Since we use only the highest quality materials installed by expert craftsmen our warranty is the best in the business.

“I contacted 4 top design-build contractors in San Diego to do our construction project. After the presentation of their plan, Murray Lampert stood out the best - especially the cost of the project. The quality of the work, fair cost, and early completion of the project lets us know we made the right decision with Murray Lampert. Their team communicated very well, and we were kept informed through every phase of the project. We were even given the opportunity to upgrade or change the materials used in our project! We’ve received a lot of compliments on the quality and workmanship of our project.” - STAN & GEMMA - SPRING VALLEY

Why is Design-Build Better Than the Traditional Remodeling Approach?

Single Point of Contact for the Customer

In the traditional, architect-driven approach, customers invariably have to deal with multiple contractors, depending on the type and scope of the project. Moreover, employing several contractors entails having several contracts, which is both time-consuming and costly.

By contrast, design-build involves a dedicated project manager who is in charge of coordinating all aspects of the project and communicating with the customer.

Experienced project managers at Murray Lampert will take care of your remodel from start to finish. You will receive regular progress updates and timely answers to all your questions regarding any aspect of the project, from design to construction.

Controlled Cost-Estimation, No Under-Budgeting

At Murray Lampert, we begin the projects with a detailed budget plan. By having a single contract covering all the design-build services, we can present our customers with a comprehensive and fully transparent cost estimation up front.

We boast an award-winning San Diego design-build team, so you can be sure we will account for all project expenses and troubleshoot any issues quickly and efficiently.

Rest assured there will be no hidden costs, as we will provide you with a detailed payment plan including all the individual services before any work begins on your home.

We also provide a 3D project modeling service, allowing us to explicitly show our customers which services will be necessary to achieve their desired end-result.

Timely Completion of Each Project Phase

One of the biggest advantages of design-build is time-efficiency. There is no time lag since different stages of a single project can be executed simultaneously while being carefully coordinated and monitored. Homeowners are delighted to realize the design time is shortened, after which there is no need to hire a different contractor to carry out the rest of your project.

Our seasoned designers value your time as much as they value your needs and ideas. Because we determine a timeframe at the beginning of each project, our designers are generally able to shorten the timeframe necessary for the project to reach the permit stage.

Accountability and Consistency throughout the Project

As a leading design-build contractor in San Diego, Murray Lampert remains fully accountable for the whole of your home renovation project. All members of our team are accountable to each other, and in turn – to you.

We are especially proud of the close professional relationships our staff maintains. Their work is complementary as they strive to achieve each other’s visions. Designers make sure their renditions are achievable by the builders, while builders follow the designer’s vision closely so as to ensure it is accurately achieved.

With a well-organized and coherent team of professionals at Murray Lampert, you can be sure there is no conflict of interest – there is no finger pointing or miscommunication, as our team shares the same professional goals and values.

Personalized Design-Build Services in San Diego

As a San Diego design-build contractor with a stellar reputation throughout Southern California and beyond, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Given the unprecedented increase in unique customer demands, our dedication to personalized customer service becomes more important than ever.

We are especially proud to have been honored by GuildQuality for our superior delivery of customer care, thus being recognized as a North American leader in customer service.

The design-build approach has enabled us to design and build custom homes throughout San Diego. We specialize in custom kitchen cabinet construction that enables our customers to showcase their personal style and preferences.

Additionally, given the increased concern for the environment, Murray Lampert has adopted and developed green home construction practices that gave our customers healthy and sustainable homes.

Design-Build vs. Hiring an Architect

Design-build brings the profession of architectural design together with construction. Murray Lampert’s full-service design-build approach engages you with our staff architect in the development of your design. The advantage of design-build remodeling with Murray Lampert is our ability to develop a plan within your budget that transitions smoothly through the permit process to construction so your project is completed on time and on budget.

Combining the design and construction functions will save you time, provide more value, and deliver a better finished product tailored to your needs.

A Few Reasons to Consider Design-Build with Murray Lampert

  1. You will be able to establishing a preliminary design and get an accurate range of price range for a very small investment.

  2. We will work with you to develop a design that meets your budgetary and functional needs.

  3. With architectural design and construction under one roof, we avoid field issue which can cause delays. We carefully measure your exiting home and create detailed building plans that are engineered up front. Should an unexpected field condition occur, our project manager and staff architect work together to resolve it promptly.

  4. Finishes and fixture choices identified up front so that costly change orders and delivery delays are avoided.

  5. Over 38 years of experience hiring the finest craftsmen, providing the highest quality materials and the best warranty in the business.

Our In-House Architectural Process

Step 1: Gain an Understanding of Your Needs & Goals
Our design-build the process begins with a meeting between you, our design specialist, and dedicated project manager. We’ll learn about your lifestyle, space, and budget goals, all of which are used to help us put together the preliminary design for your remodeling project.

Step 2: Develop Preliminary Design Plans
Based on our initial in-home consultation walk-through together, we’ll produce a few different architectural and interior design plans.

Step 3: Help You Visualize Your Dream Space
We’ll share our preliminary designs and discuss the costs, timeline, and other details associated with each option. Together we’ll review floor plans, elevations, 3D color renderings, and even virtual walk-throughs of your new space. This is a great way for us to show you exactly how your finished project will look before we break ground.

Step 4: Hash Out the Final Design
After some back and forth, we’ll make the necessary adjustments in order to arrive at our final design. It’s not uncommon for elements from all multiple options to come together in the final version of your project. Once you feel comfortable with the final design, our team will move into the build phase of the design-build process.

Why Do We Have This Process?
The beauty of the architectural process as part of the larger design-build approach is that different design options and project scopes can be identified and vetted ahead of time. Adjustments in the design or scope can be made early on, which sets the stage for a successful relationship and happy homeowners.

To learn more about the design-build process in general, and why you might choose this approach over a more traditional remodeling project delivery, check out our visual guide to the design-build process.

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