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Coronado is a beautiful city located in San Diego, California. San Diego-Coronado Bridge, Hotel Del Coronado, and the San Diego Bay are some of the most recognizable features of this area. It has almost everything for everyone including shopping, water activities, and beaches. Coronado boasts two local theaters along with several art galleries and museums which help preserve the local culture. The people of Coronado are growth enthusiasts, and whenever they want to add an extra room, second story, home office, or other Coronado home remodeling project, they rely on Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel.

Adding a new room can be a complicated and overwhelming job. It might involve different architects and contractors, 3rd party materials vendors, and other home remodeling professionals. As a the top design-build contractor in San Diego, Murray Lampert is a one-stop firm that can take any room addition project from ideation and planning to construction and finishing touches.

Custom Home Additions in Coronado

When adding a new room, you can design it according to your style. Murray Lampert has the ability to personalize your new home because we accurately emulate what you want. Most importantly, you can choose the styles and designs you want for your room. Our designers and architects consult you before they come up with the final design. They establish the purpose of your new room and incorporate the necessary features accordingly.

Serving Coronado for 40+ Years

Murray Lampert has an A-list of quality professionals to get the job done right. We’ve served Coronado residents since 1975, and we’re proud of the work we have accomplished over the last 40 years. Our reviews and testimonials speak volumes about the quality of work and level of customer we bring to each and every home and room addition in San Diego.

Technology that complies with industry standards

Besides innovation and creativity, Murray Lampert puts emphasis on efficiency. We use the latest technology to help us design a modern and efficient additional room for you, with compliance to your wishes. We make extensive use of the 3D project modeling, enabling our clients to have a better view of their new room even before any in-home work is done.

Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel is a respected company that constantly looks for ways to streamline the whole process of adding a high-quality room in your Coronado home. Hire us today – we are confident the job we will do will be nothing short of stunning!

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