Remodel Your Kitchen with These 6 Must-Have Features

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You’ve worked hard to turn your home into something special. You love what you’ve accomplished, and you want to share that success with your family and friends. So, you often throw dinner parties or host holidays in your home.

But recently, you’ve realized that your kitchen doesn’t exactly feel welcoming. In fact, it looks well-worn and shabbier than you’d like.

You might have out-of-date appliances, worn out flooring, or off-kilter cabinets. You want to dazzle your guests each time they visit, so you decide to remodel your kitchen to something more up to date. But where to start?

Below, you’ll find the top six features you should include in your soon-to-be-remodeled kitchen.

  1. New Cabinets and Hardware

Cabinets not only store your cookware, groceries, and special occasion dinnerware, but they also act as natural lines to move your eye from one area of the room to another like furniture. Guests who visit your kitchen tend to focus on this feature first, so make sure to upgrade your cabinetry.

Choose wood cabinets to add a touch of depth to the room. Materials like cherry and maple or white painted birch last for years and grasp any viewer’s attention. To add to the aesthetic, select cabinet doors with unique carvings and inlays.

Complement your choice with simple hardware so your cabinets appear more elegant.

The latest look is European-style cupboards. These cabinets have hidden hinges to give the fixtures an all-door, smooth appearance. These soft features, along with the cabinets’ frameless construction, also give your space a more modern aesthetic.

If you’d like something that stands out a little more, install some door-less cabinets. Since these fixtures don’t have doors, the eyes flow more freely throughout the space. This feature also opens up your kitchen and allows you to use your dishes and pantry as accents.

However, if you fear that your glass dinnerware could easily fall off the shelves, simply choose cupboards with glass laid into the door. This feature allows you to display and safely guard each cabinet’s contents.

  1. Matching, Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replace your old range, oven, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave for environmentally friendly alternatives. Make sure to purchase your new appliances in one color so your kitchen looks unified. This upgrade allows you to reduce your impact on the environment as you create a harmonious visual dynamic.

If your current kitchen lacks a certain appliance, feel free to install it during your remodel. For example, if you’ve always wanted an island range and a stacked convection oven, ask your contactor to add these new features to the floor plan before he or she begins the renovation.

  1. Durable Countertops

Continue to bring your space together and install sturdy work surfaces. Consider natural granite or man- made quartz countertops.

If you’d prefer a trendier material, ask your renovator about Silestone or Caesarstone. This man-made stone countertop combines granite, quartz, and marble, so you get the durability of these rocks along with awe-inspiring beauty with a factory finish that never needs to be sealed.

Remember that some materials are more permeable than others.  With children, you may want to avoid marble or soapstone.

Don’t forget to install a sink that matches your appliances. To make your space more functional, look for a farmhouse sink. These large basins rest under your counter instead of inside it, and they protrude slightly. Depending on your taste and needs, select a large, open sink or one with two divided sections.

If you prefer something less bulky, ask your contractor to install a sink directly into your counter. Remember to choose a model without a lip so that you don’t have to clean around a raised platform.

  1. Open Spaces

Enhance your kitchen and open up the room. Some older homes have decorative walls. Others have walls that separate the kitchen and dining room, but you can often remove these walls without damaging your home’s structural


To create an open floor plan, talk to your contractor about demolishing a wall or two.  There may be some engineering necessary to that removing the wall does not compromise the existing building.  Once you’ve opened up your kitchen and dining room, you can better impress your dinner guests-and invite more friends over as well.

  1. Unique Backsplashes

When you think of renovating your kitchen space, you probably focus more on the big picture. But the fine details matter just as much as larger components.

Awe your guests-and yourself-with one-of-a-kind backsplashes. Your contractor can design and mount a uniform tile backsplash throughout your kitchen. Or, if you prefer, ask him or her to add contrast with a sea glass mosaic above your sink. You have endless possibilities available to you, so be sure to ask these professionals which types of backsplashes they work with.

As you remodel your kitchen, use the list above to upgrade your space and appeal to your guests. You’ll also create a kitchen that reflects your personal style. If you don’t know which specific features you’d like to include, just talk to

Your local contractor. These experts can provide you with sound advice so your space becomes something you love.


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