August 07, 2018

Our Favorite Home Improvement and Remodeling Blogs

At Murray Lampert, we're always on the lookout for helpful resources to share with homeowners. Here are 6 of our favorite home improvement & remodeling blogs to follow - besides our own, of course!

We’re always on the lookout for design and remodeling inspiration, and we find ourselves turning back to the same blogs time and time again. We pride ourselves on being creative and tactical experts, but design trends are constantly changing and our home remodeling clients have a wide variety of personal styles and tastes. We’ve found that blogs are a great way to stay on top of the latest and greatest, because they’re constantly flooded with new inspiration. Here’s a list of our favorite home improvement and remodeling blogs to help you draw all the inspiration you need for your next project.

1) The Spruce

The Spruce home remodeling blog is one of our favorite go-to’s when hunting for inspiration. They maintain their blog with endless quality content that highlights the latest trends, best practices, and news in the remodeling industry. The blog itself is very fluid, designed with ease in mind, and is extremely simple to navigate.

Readers can choose from a plethora of content topics to browse through: decor, garden, home repair, celebrations and cleaning, to name a few. They make it extremely easy to save or share content that you find interesting, inspiring or useful. As you browse and learn the latest and greatest in the industry, you can pin your inspirations or share relevant inspiration quickly.

2) Curbed

Curbed is one of our favorite home renovation blogs and for good reason. Bookmark curbed for all things interior design, architecture, and industry news. They do an excellent job balancing various topics to keep you in the know with industry news and updates, while providing content that might inspire your next home decor or relation project.

For the green living enthusiasts, the content producers at Curbed do a fantastic job of keeping the blog full of sustainable living education. Here at Murray Lampert, more of our clients are asking for green upgrades to their home, as they see the dual benefit of reducing their carbon footprint and long term savings. When we need more green living inspiration, Curbed is always one of our first stops!

3) Remodelista

Want to get inspired? Look no further than Remodelista. We’re obsessed with this blog for many reasons. The layout of the blog is very clean, easy to navigate, and downright beautiful. Their content writers are fabulous, with posts that not only inspire, but also entertain with their witty yet trendy expert linguistics.

Remodelista maintains their blog beautifully, and there is never a shortage of home design inspiration, trends, ideas, concepts, and education. Browse through their Remodeling 101 content, or get lost on their Gardenista page, shop their top picks, and even browse Design Travel content. There is truly something for everyone!

4) Dwell

Dwell on the finer things in life when you browse this blog! Similarly to Remodelista, we love Dwell for its clean and organized layout. Dwell is your home for all things modern living, home design ideas, inspiration, and advice. Homeowners and renters alike can tune into this expertly maintained blog for consistently excellent design inspiration.

We frequently find ourselves touting and recommending the Dwell blog for its Advice Column. Users can submit their questions and stories to be answered by industry professionals. Looking for an answer to a question? You can easily search and browse previous questions and advice. It is apparent that Dwell aims to be a quality resource, and their investment in this function of their blog does not go unnoticed. This is a ‘must bookmark’ in our opinion!

5) Builder Magazine

Like to get your hands dirty? Look no further than Builder Magazine! This is your destination for tactical advice, inspiration and updates surrounding home design, building materials, and home plans. As a design/build firm, our teams are constantly drafting and implementing projects, and we take a lot of pride in staying up-to-date with the best industry trends and practices. Yes, even professionals in home remodeling need to continue to educate themselves in order to stay competitive! Resources like Builder Magazine make this possible for us.

As a homeowner, you can still enjoy the powerful resources available to you with Builder Magazine. They have an array of content topics ranging from home design (kitchen, baths, living rooms, exteriors) to finance, to building (codes, regulations, planning, etc) and product reviews and suggestions. They do a great job of maintaining the video section of the blog, which is great for quickly visualizing concepts that might be more difficult in written format.

The Builder Magazine website does tend to have more advertisements than the aforementioned blogs, but the content provided is just as valuable. Keep this one on your radar!

6) Freshome

Freshome is an inspiration staple for our team at Murray Lampert. When you arrive at their homepage, the design of their blog immediately invigorates and inspires you. Content topics range from home design and architecture, to green living and organization advice. This is one of the first places that comes to mind when we’re looking for organizational and clean living inspiration.

One thing that sets Freshome apart of the rest is their “Product Reviews” section on the left hand side of the homepage. Readers can browse and toggle between highest rated products such as coffee makers, home security systems, air purifiers and more. Hear from real life people why these home appliances, products and systems are the best, and make easier purchase decisions. In a time where decision fatigue can be at an all-time high, it’s nice to know there are trusted resources for home products.

All in all, we realize there are countless incredible home design and remodeling blogs out there. But we wanted to take a moment to highlight those that we feel are the best in the industry…the blogs that keep us coming back for more! We hope this post enlightens you and adds to your list of favorite blogs. If you have any home design blog favorites that should be on our radar, we’d love to hear about them! Drop us a line anytime!

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