Kitchen Counters - Soapstone Part 8

November 20, 2009 / by / In

Soapstone ages nicely and tiny scratches from normal use develop into a patina like fine sliverware. 

Pros: Very dense, will not stain or harbor bacteria, and holds up very well in everyday kitchen use.  More durable than granite or slate so cracking or chipping is less likely.  Surface scratches can easily be repaired by the homeowner, disappearing when sanded with ordinary sandpaper then wiped with mineral oil. Does not require sealing of any kind.

Cons: A softer stone that scratches relatively easily.  Small slabs at a relatively high cost per square foot.  Limited colors blue, green, gray tones, with varying veining.  All mature to a deep charcoal gray over time. Depending on area, selection may be limited.

Summary: With a unique look and feel, Soapstone is a great choice if you want something out of the oridinary.

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