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Cardiff homeowners have gone absolutely crazy about this kitchen remodeling trend – cabinet illumination. It all officially started when Houzz listed well-lit cabinetry as one of 2016 hottest kitchen remodeling trends. On the one hand, it’s not exactly news that you can’t think about a modern kitchen remodel these days without an attractive lighting design. However, the concept of lighting the area around, underneath, and even inside the kitchen cabinets started to grow in popularity only recently.

What’s so good about cabinet illumination is that it ensures more than that one obvious benefit (more light). Basically, a carefully designed cabinet lighting scheme will get you more visibility in the cooking area, but also the chance to use the cabinets for decorative purposes.

Just think about it – they are conspicuous as it is, so why not get some perks from it?


There is another less obvious benefit: since most contemporary lighting fixtures, especially LEDs and Energy Star-certified products, are energy-saving, installing them as part of your Cardiff home improvement project may even qualify you for certain tax credits.

Now let’s take a look at how you can boost your kitchen cabinets by using lighting fixtures and what effect they can have on your kitchen.

Toe Lights

Purpose: Decorative and Functional

We’re starting off with toe lights because – let’s face it – they are the quirkiest. These lights go at the bottom of the lower cabinets, which is a pretty unusual place for light fixtures, many would say. Nevertheless, toe lights create a unique futuristic mood in the kitchen, with cabinets that seem to be suspended in mid-air. They are modern and extremely smart – you can set them to turn on only when someone is approaching the cabinets, thus saving energy. Even though you shouldn’t really play with this amazing feature (you’re not children anymore, or something along those lines) - it’s so much fun!

Floating Cabinets

Purpose: Task and Ambient

On to some more traditional kitchen lights – these lights are placed right underneath the hanging cabinets and serve as both task and ambient lights. As task lights, they offer just the right amount of light to a targeted area, in most cases – the cooktop or the food preparation area. On the other hand, when you step back a little, you can fully appreciate the effect they have as ambient lights – they make the cabinets look lighter and in turn, the whole kitchen looks more modern.

Want to know the best thing about these lights? As they are mostly concealed, they cast indirect light, so they don’t strain your eyes when you prepare food or flick through your favorite recipe book. LED under-cabinet lights are easily concealed and they last longer than other lights. Depending on what purpose you wish your under-cabinet lights to serve, you can choose between:

Pluck Fixtures – small light fixtures serving primarily as task lights. You can manipulate them and direct them anywhere you need the light.

Lights Strips/Bars – they are brighter and distribute the light to a larger area than pluck fixtures. They also the ones that make the cabinets look contemporary. LED strips are especially popular because they bounce the light off walls and countertops and thus reduce glare.

Move on up

Purpose: Ambient

As you have probably guessed, these lights go on top of the hanging or wall cabinets, that is – upper cabinets that do not reach the ceiling. They set the mood in the whole kitchen, and when used in combination with toe lights, they really give off a feeling of lightness and open space in the kitchen. LEDs are the best choice for this type of lights – they are both durable and eco-friendly, and it’s unlikely you will need to replace them for some time.

Inside Out Cabinets

Purpose: Decorative and Functional

This is by far the most popular type of kitchen cabinet lighting these days – lights that go inside the cabinets. You can install lights inside both glass-door and non-transparent-door cabinets. In the first case, the lights ensure a decorative function of your cabinets and help accentuate the beautiful china or glassware you have displayed inside. More impressively, inside-cabinet corner lights help you see all the way to the inaccessible storage parts.

Custom Cabinets and More on Kitchen Remodeling Cardiff

Murray Lampert is a full-service contractor that can provide everything you need for your next kitchen remodel Cardiff project, from designing new cabinets to building custom ones just for you. We can also advise you on the most modern and energy-saving lighting fixtures for your kitchen. Call us today and have a chat with our creative designers!


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