April 02, 2013

Ideas for Filling Out Empty Rooms in Your Expanded Home

Room and second story additions are becoming more and more popular these days due to growing families and the popularity of home-based businesses. Of course, all that extra room can be a bit overwhelming. What was once nonexistent is now an empty room for you to fill! Here are some ideas for filling all that extra space in your expanded home.

  • A Spare Closet: Now that you have the room, there’s no need to cramp your bedroom closet with your clothes. That doesn’t mean throwing your shirts, jackets, pants, and dresses into a room willy-nilly. Buy and install shelving/hanging units for clothing organization. Sort your clothes so that you can easily switch out your closet based on the season. Make that room into the walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of.
  • A Home Office: You need a proper space to run your burgeoning star-up business. Buy a desk, shelves, cupboards, and plenty of motivational posters to keep yourself going. A home office is an effective way of keeping yourself on task as it gives you a physical space that is separate from your home life.
  • A Library: The dream of any bibliophile, your extra room would make the perfect space to store your favorite texts and tomes. Line the walls with shelves, create aisles by placing bookshelves in the center of the room, and make sure you have a comfortable couch or reading nook to curl up with your favorite stories.
  • A Home Theater: A home theater is the perfect addition for movie lovers. Purchase a projector if you would like something larger and more versatile than a TV screen. Purchase a set of plush reclining couches, set up a surround sound system, and soundproof your walls. Decorate your walls with classic movie posters and top it all off with a popcorn maker and concession stand of your very own.
  • A Game Room: A game room makes a great space to hang out with your friends or get away from the world. A pool table, foosball, and darts are a must. Add in pinball machines and classic arcade cabinets. Don’t forget the big screen TV hooked up to your favorite game consoles.
  • A Hobby Center: Whether you paint, carve, make jewelry, or build models, an extra room gives you the private space you need to work on your side projects in peace. No more misplaced supplies or working around family members. It’s just you and what you love to do in an organized space.
  • A Play Room: If you have kids, give them a room of their own to play, imagine, and explore. Fill the room with crayons, paints, and easels for your young Picassos. Move their toy chest into the new room to give them all the space they need to create action-packed scenes. Keep their many costumes nearby for when they feel the sudden urge to put on a one-act play. Giving your kids a separate play room keeps them from causing too much of a mess in their own bedrooms and gives them an added bit of responsibility.

Stay creative and take into account your own needs and you should have no problem turning your extra space into something useful and amazing.

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