Home Remodeling Definitions

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Remodeling Contractor

Individual or firm licensed, bonded and insured to engage in Home Remodeling including Room Additions, Second Stories, Custom Kitchen and Major Renovations.


Individual or firm licensed, bonded and insured to engage in specialty trades i.e. concrete, framing, plumbing, electrical etc.

Home Improvement Agreement

Also know as a contract between a homeowner and licensed contractor.

Scope of Work or Specifications Document

A document that describes the work to be performed including labor, materials and compensation.

Notice of cancellation

Also know as recission notice.  Gives the property owner 3 business days to cancel the home improvement contract after signing.

Conceptual Plans or Design Drawings

Floor plans, elevations, and sometimes perspectives reflecting the work to be completed.

Working Drawings

Also know as Construction Documents.  Blueprints including structural engineering, Title 24 Energy calculations, framing details, electrical plans that are submitted to the City for permit.

Change Order

Document authorizing change to the contract, plans, specifications.  A change order can increase, decrease or have no affect on the contract price.

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