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In today’s economy, consumers can take advantage of excellent pricing for home remodeling.  Realistically, as a homeowner, you can expect quotes to be approximately 10 - 20 percent lower than 2 years ago, making it a great time to remodel.

When interviewing contractors and shopping price, pay close attention to the spread in quotes.  The estabished firms typically should all be within 5 - 10 percent of each other if the scope/quality is all the same.

Establish a set aside budget for your remodeling.  If you find out the quotes stretch your budget, hold off rather then take a chance.

Keep in mind, choosing a unproven or less then reputable contractor at a lower price generally is a gamble if you want a quality project, on time, on budget, and that holds up over time.  You may need service or warranty coverage at some point.  Hiring a company with a proven track record is the smart choice.

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