April 18, 2024

Home Improvement Pro's We Love to Work With: JD Mechanical Heating & Air, INC.

Murray Lampert loves supporting other local home improvement professionals. When it comes to HVAC, look no further than JD Mechanical Heating & Air! Continue reading and see why we love working with this San Diego based company.

When it comes to working with other local businesses in San Diego, we take our referral partnerships seriously. We hold the entire staff at Murray Lampert to the highest standard to give our clients the best service possible. It’s just as important to us to hold this same standard when we work with, or refer, other home improvement professionals. What we mean to say is, we don’t just refer anyone. We refer the best!

We’d like to introduce you to a home improvement pro that we love to work with: JD Mechanical Heating & Air, INC.

The team at JD Mechanical Heating & Air never miss a beat! When we refer our customers to them, we know with full confidence that they’re in good hands. They have over 17 years of experience helping San Diego homeowners with their heating, cooling and air needs, and the expertise that comes from almost 2 decades in the industry is unparalleled. The JD team prides themselves in being an honest company, working for your best interest…something we can relate to! When you hire JD for your heating or air, you’re supporting a local business with their whole heart in the game.

As a homeowner, you’re likely to need help with your HVAC system from time to time. Whether you need a simple repair or a whole new installation, the experts at JD will help you with a smile. It’s always good to have your rolodex full of home improvement experts, right? So without further adieu, we will shed some light on their key service offerings.

Air Conditioning: Service, Repair Installation

During Summer and the early months of Fall, it’s torture to live in San Diego county without a well-tuned air conditioner. Average temperatures can soar over 100 degrees for days on end, and if your AC stops running properly, everyone in your household suffers. But there’s more to it than that, JD can help you with cooling systems that offer long-term energy efficiency…saving you on your monthly energy bills. Whether you need a simple repair, service, or a complete installation, the JD team can make it happen.

Heating and Furnace: Repair and Installation

You’d be surprised at how many San Diego homeowners have furnaces! JD is a local company that can help make sure your furnace is running properly and meets safety standards. They offer furnace repair and installation on all brands, makes and models of furnaces, so your San Diego home can always stay warm!

For the rest of us with heaters, we’re still in luck. One of JD’s core services is heating repair and installation. Sure, the winters in San Diego are far from brutal compared to other states, but when your heater suddenly stops working the way it should, you’ll certainly feel it! From repairs, to simple tune-ups, and complete re-installation, they’ve got your back!

HVAC Services

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In a nutshell, HVAC consists of the services you need to keep your indoor environment comfortable and cost-efficient. The team at JD Mechanical Heating & Air has helped several of our clients with residential HVAC services that have drastically increased the energy efficiency of their homes. Energy efficiency is a growing trend for homeowners, and it’s not going anywhere. JD can help you locate the sources that drain most of the energy in your home, and find ways to make improvements, saving you significantly over time. Expect lower energy bills, extended lifespans of your air systems, reliable unit operation, and increased property value should it come time to sell your San Diego home.

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