Granny flats are a fantastic addition to your San Diego home. They offer a “secondary suite” which is a self contained living area that is typically plain, small, and versatile. Adding a granny flat to your home is an up and coming trend that creates more space while having significantly lower costs than a traditional expansion.

As the name suggests, granny flats were originally created to accommodate extended family or aging parents. Nowadays, the name has stuck but the options for the use of space are endless! Traditional ideas can include additional master suites for your guests or an office space. Creative ideas include artist studios, miniature movie theaters, and even music lounges. Once you decide on the type of living space you’d like your granny flat to be, you can begin the remodel! Here are our top tips to consider when remodeling your granny flat in San Diego.


Consider the connection between your traditional house and your granny flat. Ensure that styles don’t clash and the granny flat fits easily into the look of your home. The outdoor space between your home and the new build is a great spot for a multigenerational family space. If you are considering the granny flat as a rental, chose the location of the build wisely to factor in privacy.


Be aware of the city council’s planning policy when building or remodeling a granny flat. There are a number of restrictions and criteria that must be met when you are building a new structure or adding square footage to the property of your home. As of May 2017, San Diego has loosened their regulations in building granny flats making it easier for residents to build. To understand in more detail the city regulations, visit here.


The way you chose to use your granny flat may change over the years. When considering a remodel, factor in the various uses you may have for it over the years. Traditionally, all granny flats include an additional kitchen and bathroom. When designing, make sure it has quality materials and insulation for long-lasting use.


Most granny flats are less than 1200 square feet. Meaning, the space you will be working with can easily feel small and inclosed. Factor the square footage into your design choices by adding large windows or a patio.


A granny flat addition or remodel is not a project to take on yourself. A hired professional understands the city regulations and can help make the entire project go smoothly. When considering a company, ask to review previous work so you have an understanding of their capabilities. We at Murray Lampert are here to help make your granny flat remodel effortless!

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