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July 21, 2017 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home Remodeling

Hey San Diego homeowners!

We all know that home construction can be a daunting task. You have a vision for the future of your home renovation and it is up to you to hire the correct people or company to ensure you get what you want. Often times, people have a DIY attitude towards home renovation or they chose to individually hire people for varying jobs. All of these run into one large problem, the hardest task of home construction is management — how to acquire and achieve it. We offer our tips and tricks to the benefits of choosing a company that can handle the full process of design, building, and remodeling.


When hiring a San Diego contractor or company, you are paying for their expertise. Within that experience are realistic numbers for the renovations you have in mind. When you take on a project yourself or hire individuals, you tend to expand small details or make changes that create costly results. With one contractor or company managing your home renovation, budget is one of the most important factors. If a change is made, you are immediately aware of that change in budget and there are no unexpected costs in the end.


Along with respect to budgets, experienced contractors or companies know how to get your project done correctly the first time so there are no added costs or time extensions. A company has the included team for a complete home renovation. This means, one person is in charge between all projects and prevents any issues of miscommunication. A home renovation is a major project, although you may refer to yourself as a pro DIYer, leave the larger projects to the professionals. Instead, get it done right the first time with a trusted and experienced company like Murray Lampert.


This is something people tend to forget! All contractors and companies are licensed and insured professionals. Accidents happen, whether you are doing your home renovation yourself or with a professional, someone can hit the wrong wall and cut the electricity in your home. An insured contractor & full process home design company would be responsible for any mistake and they are much less likely to have an accident occur in the first place.


Living in the middle of a home renovation can be a very stressful thing. You may lose a section of your home depending on what you are renovating. That can include time without a bathroom, kitchen, or common room. When hiring a professional contractor or company, you have discussed the timeline and are knowledgeable as to when your renovation will be completed. A company is respectful of your time and home; they will complete your project in a fraction of the time it would take if you were to complete it yourself!

Make the smart decision! Your budget, quality of renovation, and ease of the project depends on your decision. By hiring a contractor or company, you will receive the benefit of experience and expertise while remaining in control of your home renovation!

If you have any remodeling questions for your San Diego home, our team is happy to answer them. Drop us a line!

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