Energy Efficient San Diego Remodeling

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As a quality contractor with over 27 years of home remodeling and construction experience, I believe in building better and tighter.  Not only to deliver more value and longer lasting homes, but also more comfortable and energy efficient San Diego Remodeling.

Too many companies of all types are jumping on the “Green” bandwagon.   Often it is just marketing hype and a means to charge more with no real return other than some small tax credits.

The real savings are in tighter construction to reduce heat gain and cooling loss.

Constructing  a tighter more energy efficient building is not difficult and does not have to be expensive either.  Here are some of the options:

  1. Tyvek house wrap
  2. Low E windows
  3. Orientation of glazing to avoid direct sunlight or shading windows
  4. Flashing and caulking around window and door opens.
  5. Proper whole house air circulation

A quality home remodeler builds tighter and better without breaking the bank.

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