Designers For San Diego Home Remodeling and Home Construction

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For home remodeling or home construction projects, are you better off hiring an architect, designer or design build contractor?

Frequently homeowners who already have plans for home remodeling or home construction have unrealistic budget expectations because they relied on the designer or architect’s estimate.  My advice is to consult with contractors before entering into a design agreement.  You are making a substantial non-refundable investment for design, so you need to know what the construction will cost before making that commitment.

Some projects are a fit for designers or architects.  However, the majority of home remodeling and home construction projects are better suited for a design build contractor.  Design build contractors have the knowledge and experience to accurately design and  quote projects.  Knowing construction, past experience and knowledge of the building code helps ensure your budget is met.

Before you interview designers for San Diego home remodeling or home construction, make sure you consider what a design build contractor can do for you.

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