Cutting Down on Your Energy Bills

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Cutting your gas and electric spending is easy.  Here are a few no or low cost ways of lowering your energy bills:

 1. Turn down your water heater thermostat.

 2. Make sure your recessed can lights are sealed.  This will keep your attic cooler.  Low expansion foam or caulking is all it takes.

 3. Change your furnace air filter regularly.  A new filter costs about $5.

 4. Buy programmable thermostats. You can program heating and cooling so if you forget to turn it up or down, the system will reset to save energy.

 5. Set or turn your audio video components like DVR’s to off.  Some components are in the “ready” position which uses energy 24/7.  Be willing to wait a few seconds for your TV, DVR etc. to power up.

 6. Inspect the indoor/outdoor caulking around the electrical boxes and water pipes entering your home. Fill any holes or gaps with caulking or foam for better insulation value and water control.

 7.  Repair water leaks. A dripping faucet will waste over 2,000 liters a month. Use flow restrictors on faucets and shower heads.

 8.  Lastly, ask your family members to turn off lights when the leave an unoccupied room.

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