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Coronado, often referred to as Coronado Island, is just one of the many beautiful resort cities located in San Diego County. Just a little over 5 miles south of downtown San Diego, Coronado is one of the most upscale places to live in the United States. The city is part of a peninsula connected to the mainland by a ten mile strip of land called the Silver Strand.

According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 24,697 – an increase from the 24,100 citizens reported in the 2000 census.  This resort town is probably best known for the historic Hotel Del Coronado, but the Crown City has its own rich history and culture.

A Brief History of Coronado

In the early nineteenth century, before Coronado was Coronado, the land was used as a harbor for whalers, who built hide houses in order to carry out their work. The land was still under Spanish control, but 1821 marked Mexico’s independence from Spain.

Land grants were issued and the peninsula we know today as Coronado changed many hands before it was purchased by Elisha Babcock, Jr., Hampton Story, and Jacob Gruendike on November 19, 1885. Babcock invited Heber Ingle, his brother-in-law, and a railroad stockholder named Josephus Collett to become mutual investors. These founders then organized the Coronado Beach Company on April 7, 1886, planting the seeds for current day Coronado.

Work on the new town began promptly with the division and landscaping of lots. Water and irrigations systems were constructed and railroad tracks were laid. The San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company was established on April 16, 1886 with the ferry completing its first run in August.

Lots were auctioned off in November. With the community finally coming together, the founders hired architects James and Watson Reid to design the Hotel Del Coronado in March of 1887. The hotel opened its doors February 19, 1888.

Construction and development continued in the area, eventually including a naval base in North Island.

The Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado is a famous beachfront luxury hotel, officially designated as a historic landmark. The hotel has played host to many celebrities and persons of interest, including Prince Edward. The hotel was known as a playground for Hollywood’s finest by the 1920s and was the venue for numerous parties during the Prohibition era.

Schools and Education in Coronado

The school district includes several public schools:

-        Silver Strand Elementary School

-        Village Elementary School

-        Coronado Middle School

-        Coronado High School

The Coronado School of the Arts is a school-within-a-school, located on the Coronado High School campus.

Private schools in the area include Sacred Heart Parish School and Christ Church Day School.

Architecture, Design, and Style

Home design in Coronado embodies a unique style that reflects the town’s proximity to the sea. Homes features classic California Spanish design while incorporating aspects of the beachside cottage. The Hotel Del Coronado is a beautiful example of the wooden Victorian beach resort, a remnant of an American architectural genre that still stands out today.

There are many old homes in downtown Coronado, so remodeling is very popular and property values have held up well making home improvement a great investment.

Popular Coronado projects are Kitchen Remodeling, Major Home Makeovers, Second Stories, Room Additions, and View Decks.

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