April 23, 2019

ADUs Increasing Housing Options in San Diego

Murray Lampert was recently featured in an ABC 10 segment about how Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are increasing housing options in San Diego. Check out the segment here.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulkner has touted ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) as “some of the fastest housing options that we bring for renters, for families, for seniors.” As part of ABC 10’s “Making It In San Diego” series, this recent segment looks at whether or not relaxed local regulations and slashed fees have made a difference for homeowners looking to add an in-law suite to their property.

Murray Lampert President and CEO Gregg Cantor was featured in the segment and discussed some of the benefits that homeowners can expect from building an ADU. “When you build a custom ADU it ads on to the square footage. The resale value is much higher. I think it’s a win-win because the citizens have needs rental costs are so high, there’s a shortage of rentals.”

Between 2016 and 2018, ADU permits in the city of San Diego increased over 1,000 percent (from just 20 permits in 2016 to 213 permits in 2018).

Watch the full segment from San Diego ABC 10 below:

In-law Suites, ADUs, & Granny Flats: Tailored Living Spaces for Extended Family