April 18, 2024

8 Ways To Use Recycled Materials in Your Home Remodel

Here are 8 ways for homeowners to go green and utilized recycled materials in their next home remodeling project.

Do you feel your home is due for an upgrade? Maybe you feel you’d like to have a more sustainable look and feel in a few rooms throughout your residence. If so, we’ve got eight ways to successfully implement green home construction practices during your remodeling project.

1) Rubber Mulch in Landscaping

If you’re thinking about revitalizing the look and feel of your home’s landscape, consider using rubber mulch rather than the traditional variety. One of the great things about this sustainable option made from old tires is the fact that you don’t have to worry about replacing it every year to help your yard look its best. Much like more energy-efficient light bulbs, know that rubber mulch is more expensive than regular mulch, but you’ll save money in the long run.

2) Separate Studio or Office

How does the idea of a new workspace sound for your home remodel? You might not have the room or feel that a new studio or office is a bit out of your price range. Know that there are detached spaces (also known as ADUs) you can place in your yard away from your residence that you might find more affordable than a traditional home addition or remodel. What makes these spaces eco-friendly is the fact that they can be easily constructed from sustainable or recycled materials, which you’re sure to feel good about while you’re working in your new space. On top of that, detached ADUs require fewer materials to construct and are more energy efficient than larger, more open spaces.

3) Composite Deck

Imagine a deck made from wood waste or materials like plastic along with natural materials. Besides being sustainable, another great thing about opting for a composite deck is the fact that such decks last longer than those made from standard wood. Much like with the workspaces mentioned above, you can expect to pay more for composite boards, mainly because they have to be created. That being said, these sustainable decks aren’t susceptible to the ravages of precipitation and wind like traditional decks are.

4) Green Countertops

Something else you can add to your home that’s made from recycled materials is countertops. Specifically, such sustainable countertops are made from recycled glass blended with concrete to create what’s known as terrazzo. A couple of great things about terrazzo are that you can find it in a number of colors to suit your needs and that it makes for a durable green option. While more expensive than standard granite, terrazzo is quick and easy to clean.

5) Recycled Tile

When looking for the perfect tile for your bathroom or kitchen, give thought to recycled tile rather than brand new tile. Depending on the contractor, there might be used tiles available or a surplus from older projects you can implement in your project, better ensuring the tiles don’t go to waste. Besides overall sustainability, another great thing about recycled tile pieces is that they can create a fantastic design unlike any other, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind layout for your home.

6) Secondhand Pavers

Much like tile, you can also buy used or surplus pavers for your patio or another outside space on your property. If you were thinking about renovating your patio in the past, you likely already know just how expensive such a project can be. With used or unused surplus pavers, you cut down on overall cost without having to sacrifice on overall quality.

7) Recycled Wood for Interior Doors

Installing a new door could be just the thing you need to bring together the overall look and feel of your new interior design. Rather than brand new doors, however, you may want to look into doors made from recycled or salvaged wood. With them, you can still use the knob, hinges and lockset from your current door if they’re still in good order. Just make sure your new, more sustainable door is cut by a professional so you have a proper fit for your existing doorway.

8) Insulation

Proper insulation is essential for keeping cooled and heated air inside your home and reducing your energy bills, but you might be more comfortable with quality insulation made from recycled materials like cotton or even denim. While you may scoff at the idea of utilizing the same material used to make jeans and jackets to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, we’d like to point out the fact that you won’t have to worry about damage to your respiratory system like you do with standard insulation materials.

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