6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity during a Home Remodel

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Remodeling is a stressful time for homeowners that ranks right up there with moving or putting a home on the real estate market. There’s the planning, unexpected expenses, and some inconveniences that go along with remodeling projects. The value of the finished product is worth the upfront challenges, though, considering that you’ll be getting the home you desire and increasing the value of your home as well.

. Going with the right contractors will help you avoid potential headaches along the way.We understand—home remodeling can be a headache. Keep your sanity with these six tips.

Create boundaries. Section off the part of your home that is not under construction with tarps or even strategically placed pieces of furniture. Have a definitive place where remodeling starts and ends and it will help you cope with the chaos of the process.Plan ahead. When it comes to remodeling, it is always best to think two steps ahead. If there are certain things the contractor needs your collaboration for, make sure you’re prepared. For example, if you know your contractor will be ready for countertops on a specific day, have those materials ready several days ahead of time. The last thing you want is for there to be a lull in activity because of something you could have done in advance. Accept the mess. It is going to feel like your home is in shambles for a while. Just accept this fact. Remodeling is not the time to host cocktail parties or plan play dates. Just let the mess happen and realize that your home will look better than ever once remodeling is complete. Take a vacation. If you can leave your home, for even part of the remodeling schedule, do it. It may be a great time to visit family or friends, or cash in those hotel points you have been stashing away. Even if you can only get away for a day or two (and your project is months long), it will give you a break from the upheaval and help you rejuvenate. Think long term. When the dust, noise and chaos from remodeling pushes you to a near nervous breakdown, take a step back. Close your eyes and envision the finished product. Remodeling is just a short period of time in what will be a long relationship with your new and improved home. The good outweighs the bad when it comes to improving your home, but sometimes it can be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel when saws are humming, hammers are banging, and dust is flying.  Realize that the temporary inconvenience will lead to long-term happiness, and add value to your home. Looking at the bigger picture will help you cope with the irritation of remodeling and keep you focused on what really matters: a wonderful home for your family.  
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