6 High-Tech Gadgets for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

October 20, 2015 / by Gregg Cantor / In Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you know it or not, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Much like a skilled chef, cook, or baker, a good kitchen has versatility and excels at multitasking.

From helping you host dinner parties to providing the perfect place to tackle times tables, your kitchen presents a multi-purpose area. With the right tools at your disposal, your kitchen becomes anything you want it to.

To allow your kitchen to live up to its full potential, focus on investing in modern appliances and gadgets to get you there. Today’s technology presents some of the most amazing innovations to date, so take some time to investigate what the world of technology has to offer your next kitchen renovation.

image of Brown kitchen remodel project after completion

From Ornate to Chic

Just less than a decade ago, kitchen appliances and design tended to revolve around the ornate. Granite counter tops, double ovens, and a separate formal dining room are quickly becoming things of the past as they make way for the new and improved.

Instead of a focus on flowery ornamentation, modern kitchens emphasize functionality above all else. The simpler, sleeker, and more convenient, the better. As you consider improvements to add to your latest kitchen remodel, consider the following technological upgrades:

1. Hands-Free Faucets

Although most models come with the option for manual usage, hand-free faucets add a certain smoothness to your kitchen routine. From hand washing to clearing plates, this sleek set-up helps you focus on what’s important.

Invest in an appliance that lets you worry about one less thing and transition from task to task with ease.

2. Seamless Speakers

Kitchen sound systems aren’t a new idea, but products like the Geneva Model S Wireless take this oldiebut-goodie to a new level. Now, you can use any Bluetooth-enabled device to broadcast your choice of tunes.

All you need is a tablet, smartphone, or laptop to achieve stereo-level technology in your kitchen. Such modern speaker systems produce exceptional audio through unobtrusive speakers that blend right in with the rest of your kitchen design.

3. Wi-Fi Enabled Gadgets

From the coffeepot to high-tech egg trays, you now have the ability to control your kitchen through your mobile device. Certain mobile applications even allow you to opt for stronger coffee on difficult mornings, or to track the age of your eggs.

4. Sleek Appliances

The old impression that bigger is better doesn’t necessarily hold true with the modern kitchen. That is-as long as your appliances divide up their duties.

In contrast to hulking refrigerators, modern ones lean towards the smaller sizes with a separate freezer elsewhere in the kitchen. Although refrigerator access remains important, most cooks don’t use the freezer nearly as much as its counterpart.

On a similar note, two dishwashers have become the norm. Keep an obscure one in your open floor-plan kitchen, and another smaller version with the glassware or in the butler’s pantry. This two-dishwasher system creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

5. 3D Food Printers

The future is here with this handy and capable gadget. Accomplish anything from custom-made cake supports to cocktail decorations with the ChefJet Pro, among other models. You can even produce sugared candies and sculptures to wow your guests at your next event.

6. Specialty Ovens

With today’s innovations that allow you to cook two dishes at different temperatures in the same oven, the sky is the limit for incorporating useful technology into your kitchen.

Even microwave ovens fail to impress when compared with specialty steam ovens that “refresh” leftover food without dehydrating it. Modern kitchens incorporate the best of both worlds through a specialty convection model paired with a 240-volt steam oven.

As you contemplate your next kitchen remodel, be sure to consult a local contractor experienced with modern appliances to create the ultimate technology-enabled kitchen.

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