5 Reasons You Need an Architect for Home Remodeling Projects

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As housing prices continue to rise, homeowners opt to renovate current homes instead of buying new. During this process you talk with several contractors to choose the right one for the project—but how many of those contractors work closely with an architect? Even better—how many of them are design-build contractors with an in-house architect to see your project through?

Having an architect involved on your home remodeling project from the start is a smart choice that comes with many benefits. Let’s take a look at five of them:

  1. Adding value. If you are planning a project that is equivalent to 5 percent or more of your home’s value, hiring an architect is a necessity. Architects find creative use of space and look at homes as a functioning part of a family. To ensure long-term value from your remodeling project, bring in an architect at the very beginning.
  2. Aesthetic quality. An architect not only improves the function of your home, but makes it look great in the process. An architect adds the wow factor to your home improvement projects and streamlines the look to match the rest of your home.
  3. Project oversight. When you include an architect in your home remodeling project, you gain a valuable member of a collaborative team that ensures all aspects of your project go as planned: acquiring the necessary permits, drawing out a blue print, ensuring craftsmanship and quality, safety standards, a keen eye for design elements, and even eco-friendliness.
  4. Project integrity. Since an architect’s job goes beyond the nuts and bolts of remodeling, they care more about the finished product as a work of art. It is not good enough for something to function; an architect wants any changes in the home to be part of a bigger vision for the homeowner. If something does not look right, or simply does not mesh with the rest of the home, it will bother an architect until he or she can get it right.
  5. The space of your dreams. Your home is your castle, no matter the size or cost. An architect takes your vision of a dreamy space and makes them reality. Even if you cannot put your vision exactly into words, an architect can.


The easiest way to include an architect on your next home remodel project is to choose a design-build contractor like Murray Lampert. We have an in-house architect who is an integral part of every project we do.

Home remodeling is equal parts art, math, engineering, and manpower. Don’t skip any parts of the process—make sure you have an architect working on your project.


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