5 Good Reasons to Remodel Now

January 27, 2015 / by Gregg Cantor / In Home Remodeling

The economy is improving, property values are increasing, home improvement financing is more readily available and gas prices are low, all creating the most consumer confidence since 2008.

2015 should be a huge year for home remodeling and construction. There have been many homeowners on the fence for quite some time, who are in need of kitchen remodeling, additional space, or major renovations.

Here are 5 good reasons to remodel now:

  1. Real estate continue to improve and values are increasing providing equity to homeowners.

  2. Financial institutions are finally offering loan programs for home improvement. Even more options will be available in 2015.

  3. There are many incentives in California for energy efficient remodeling, water conservation and solar.

  4. In addition to rebates and tax credits, there are several loan programs centered around energy efficiency and water conservation.

  5. Gas prices continue to drop and are predicted to be low through 2015. The savings in gas alone for most homeowners is enough to make a monthly payment for remodeling or home improvements.

Design-build remodeling continues to gain popularity, primarily because a reputable design-build firm can handle all aspects of your home remodel - from planning and permitting, to construction and interior design.

If you are considering a home improvement or remodeling project, do your homework first. Don’t even consider companies without proper licensing, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, longevity, a great online reputation. Make sure to ask for references you can call or speak to in-person. If you need more guidance, we’re always available to help!

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