2016 Kitchen Cabinet Trends – Something for Everyone

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Changes come fast in the modern world. Styles come and go almost as if they had a will of their own. What’s more, novel trends are pumped out almost every season, so you might realize that just as you have decided on a design makeover, it has become outdated. Luckily, 2016 seems to be the year where adding a personal touch is crucial and that’s especially true for kitchen cabinets. After all, you don’t even have to do a complete kitchen redesign to get a new kitchen. Take a look at the coolest 2016 kitchen cabinet trends and we’re sure you’ll find at least one idea for your kitchen remodel.

Paint it Black

If you have never really been into the off-white kitchen design movement, you will be happy to know that black has finally made a big-time comeback. Black cabinetry can be combined with black stainless steel or granite countertops to get a contemporary black kitchen.

Mismatched Upper and Lower Cabinets

Opting for different colors and materials for upper and lower cabinets has definitely been the biggest trend so far into 2016. This leaves room for a more flexible budget planning, since you can have custom upper cabinets made to go with the existing lower ones, or vice versa. As a rule of thumb, lower cabinets should be darker.

Off-White is the New Gray

While grey kitchen were really in vogue in 2015, kitchen designers have started gravitating towards off-white and beige kitchens. As far as cabinets go, wooden upper cabinets with an off-white finish are a perfect complement to whatever lower cabinets you already have. Besides being very stylish, they lighten up the space and can be contrasted with exciting backsplash designs.

Clean and Simple Lines

Whatever style you envisioned for your kitchen, kitchen cabinets shouldn’t stand out with a flamboyant design – simplicity is the key. You can call it minimalist, but simple doors and straight lines give cabinets the flexibility to blend in with almost any kitchen style. Moreover, simplicity will always be in vogue.

Shaker Style Simplicity

Speaking of simplicity and minimalism, there is no better choice than shaker. Only those who know nothing about contemporary design would say that shaker style belongs to a different era. On the contrary, shaker style has seen a revival precisely because of its obvious lack of adornments. The key material for shaker style cabinets is wood.

Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

Cabinets with glass doors are ideal for showing off beautiful glassware. They stir the monotony of wall-to-wall cabinets, but look neat and tidy at the same time. What’s more, glass doors reflect sunlight and give off an impression of an open space.

Mix of Closed & Open Cabinetry

Trendy, industrial-style kitchens see a mix of open and closed cabinetry, as well as open shelves. Not only does it create a dynamic feel, but also makes finding your favorite mug much easier.

Tucked-Away Appliances

Practicality goes hand in hand with simplicity. Deep cabinets make ample storage and remove appliances from the countertop. You might have asked yourself why you don’t see a microwave or even a fridge in most modern kitchens – they are safely stashed in specially designed cabinets. In that way, the overall style of the kitchen is not disrupted by the generic-looking appliances.

Smart Cabinets

Make the best of the cutting –edge technology that is bound to make your everyday activities easier, even more enjoyable. You can choose from a host of affordable high-tech options, including charging stations built in the cabinetry, hands-free functionalities and tablet holders.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Choose cabinets certified by Forest Stewardship Council, especially those without harmful VOCs. You should look for cabinets with formaldehyde-free straw board. They not only provide clean storage for your dishes and glassware, but come in a variety of different designs.

Custom Cabinets for an Outstanding Kitchen Remodel San Diego Service

If you are looking for ways to give your kitchen a personal touch, the best option is to go with custom kitchen cabinets. They attract by far the most attention and you can really make a difference if you consult creative designers at Murray Lampert – we can design, build and install the cabinets that will complement the style of your kitchen. Let us show you how you can achieve so much with so little.



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